My Point of View :)

Spirituality is beyond religion ;)


Religion brings quarrels among men while spirituality unifies, bringing peace in the world...


In fact, spirituality is the religion of the heart....:)

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If I could just ask, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

I think that people should at least learn basic things about God from someone else but then it is up to each of us to apply what we've learned to our lives individually. This is how we mature spiritually, there has to be a beginning.

You are absolutely correct.<br />
<br />
GOD teaches us that HE has placed HIS LAW within our heart<br />
and no one needs to teach about who HE is to anyone else.<br />
<br />
So all we need is to open our hearts and trust in GOD loving HIM with our hearts soul, mind and strength, and HE will take care of our needs, and some of our wants.