Precum Flow

This is the story of a 48 y.o. man that never noticed he had precum.

At the end of March, this year, I visited xtube and viewed some young boys and older men that emitted a clear fluid.

Investigated through Internet and learnt that this fluid was the famous "precum".

The next two weeks I started taking L-arginin, lisine,ornithine , two eggs not too boiled enough to preserve proteins (dialy), e-vitamin,celery, zinc ,more meat (almost cooked) etc.

Well, let me tell you that I *********** more ofter and began PC exercises (Kegel) many times a day.

This routine began in April.

Around the 3rd week I began leaking a clear viscous fluid, not in strings (with little difficult).

One day of the last week I *********** as usual and the miracle occured: precum flooded like a fawcet, for one and half hour, and without control...It was like heaven.

I had the first big wet spot on my jeans -I'll used it without washing.

Now I can't control the emissions... It's enough to be excited to feel tinglings in the base of my penis, then I softly touch my foreskin and then begins the flow for one hour or so.I love the scent that it has; it tasted it too, it's a bit sweet.

It's so much the amount that I washed my penis and balls with it.

Sometimes it looks like clear odorless water or serum.

The only thing that I could desire is to have my precum a bit thicker and stringy. I will learn how to do this.

Isn't that a miracle?
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46-50, M
2 Responses Jun 14, 2012

Glad things and all the chemistry you used worked out for you. Just after puberty started for me at 12 I was always flowing fairly large amounts of pre-***. You will find that the more you edge your **** before pushing on to ****** the more pre-*** you will have and the stronger your ****** will become. I produced so much as a teen that it would often look as though I had leaked urine from my **** staining my pants and underwear. I still produce as much now in my later years. Wonderful lube and taste, too!

Nice I have been able to produce precum since I was