With My Mind

i imagine i make a circle around me sometimes..just coz i feel i have to.its magical and only few can see that.i wanted to find a picture in google.i searched ''magic circle' but i found something else..idk what is that but its not that..the circle i make is with my mind around me..like nothing can touch the circle,is for protection,safety..idk if is wrong though..the pictures in google made me think,but i know is different

amysangels amysangels
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many hugs*

wow nice picture avi:) thanku

what is the nazar amulet?

traditionally a circle has been used for protection within many spells/symbols. if you look at the nazar amulet, and many other charms used to ward off evil "spirits" or the "evil eye", they are circular. it is also symbolic of the whole, the earth, everything in its entirety, the ALL, god, perfection...many words. with a dot in the center it is symbolic of the sun. pretty neat you intuitively create that symbol for protection or to whatever end, your thoughts do change your reality. : ) <br />
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im sure other people do this, but i don't think there's much of a need to find them, you will eventually.<br />
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there is nothing "wrong" about it, unless you continue yourself to think so, it may not be necessary for protection, but you can do as you please. it seems like its almost like a constant awareness/meditation, congrats