Beauty Can Be Overlooked

I say, take what you have and make it as good as it gets.  Be your own person, and even if you are not Grade A material, you can be just as good by being grateful for what you have, rather than what you do not have.  I like to think that I am the best of the worst, even though I do not know what the worst is.  In fact, there is no "worst".  It is all based on opinions, and when there is a prominent choice, then is when everyone begins to determine best and worst looking.  If you keep your head held high, it shows your strength, no matter how beautiful anyone thinks you are.  Beauty is in everything, it is just that many people do not open their minds.  They have their eyes closed and are missing out on many opportunities.  I believe that it is your personality that you should worry about more than your looks.  Above all, I try to think positively about myself and leave negativity in the dust.

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You're welcome.

Thanks for definitely posting how you feel towards this... :)

awesome post!!!! thanks for contributiong.. this is what it's all about ...