Oh so pretty!!

So is it bad to say you have beautiful children?! Not at all!! I have three wonderful, beautiful, babies... ok so the oldest will be 16 but age only makes her that much more. They have wonderful, chocolate colored eyes, sun kissed skin and perfect little noses. Each an individual however together they all share similar features. Oldest is a firecracker... can get over the top as teen mouths tend to do, but loving and big hearted and gives everyone a chance. She's athletic and has cheered, danced and tumbled her entire life. Varsity cheerleader and active volunteer... I'm very proud!

Then comes the middle one... 3yrs last month. He is speech delayed but makes up with his charm. He can "act" out any request that his lips cannot form and loves unconditionally. He has a free spirit and no fears. The only boy and loved by all. Came to us a month early and fought for all he had the first year... big dimples and oh so active. My little man!


And baby makes three... Always smiling and at 6 mths was already standing. She laughs at everything and is determined to keep up with big brother. She is just as wonderful as the others and just as loving. I love each in their own way and try to give each their own attention and time.


Oh how I love to watch them grow, learn, play... teaching new things, showing new sights and sounds. Baby and I went for a walk and I put her in front of every plant, tree, flower so that she would see and touch and smell <and try to taste, hehe>. And every night when we get home we go out to the pond and feed the ducks, fish and turtles. He jumps from the wall and into the grass chasing those poor ducks w/ their food. AAHH and then the countless hours of driving, she has a permit and is doing great but oh that cell phone is not allowed in the front seat. GGEEZZZ... school on Monday and another year of football games, dances, practices, PTA and more.... and I can't wait!!



mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
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Aug 18, 2007