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Doll's Birthday Cake

A while back my Doll was saying that she never really had a birthday where someone actually made her a birthday cake. As someone whos done some baking and caring so much for her I couldn't let that go. I divised my strategy according to things she has told me about what she loves. Chocolate, Spongebob, and m&m's. Doll has also been trying to watch her weight which prompted me to go with a small single layer and sugar free icing.
What fun is it to have a cake and only one person to share it with. We had been looking to make some friends and have met a couple whos interests are close to ours. We had met once and I thought it would be good to invite them for this occasion, they agreed. They came up and I had grilled chicken breasts and had salad, they brough another salad, noodles and shrimp. We ate and talked, then played "Indiana Jones" monopoly while dinner settled.
It was time for the cake. Even though I had made it on the day, and Doll was home. She did not see it untill it was presented. I had found a Spngebob scene with Patrick and SB as a pirate with a chest, including a skull and crossbones (I didn't think at the time to partially fill it also with mini m&m's). SB and Patrick standing at the back of the cake with the chest, then layed out in front was the 47 (candles) with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" candles around the front edge on the top of the cake, surrounding the cake base was mini m&m's (made for a very colorful cake).

(I hope cakegrl approves of the logo here)
PhuzEBare PhuzEBare 51-55, M Jun 12, 2012

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