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What Fun

For a long while I wanted to have diapers that had some sort of cute print on them, kinda like baby diapers. the only problem is as I am sure you all know, they are F'ing expensive. So as a resolution to this problem I will share my secret. I will not pretend that this is the best way or that it is professional quality but it works, and I get custom print diapers.

first you must use a diaper with cloth-like outer cover. 

you need a stencil or stencil making materials (around $20 at a craft store)

paint or painters pens

and some cute ideas. 

All you have to do from there is unfold the diaper and paint in the stencils. wait for the paint to dry and enjoy!


Be sure to take some pictures of your favorite creations and post them here for every one to see!

If your an AB make sure you have mommy or daddy help you.

theegrim theegrim 26-30, M 1 Response Feb 24, 2010

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yes they are but i wear ones with baby prints on them and my mommy gives me baby formula out of a baby bottle i dont eat anything but baby formula. i wear a diaper and also have a pacificer . being a baby and having a mommy is the greatest thing. my favorite is bath time were i am washed from head to toe after the bath its a fresh dry diaper baby powder some destin for my sore bottom. once changed i am in my baby pajamas .with baby prints then its on to be given a mommy kiss and to be rocked till the next diaper change being a baby is the best and i love baby formula