Mostly lesbian, gay, and straight, though right now I'm writing one with rape and anal :3
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You say you wanna rape my anus? O: Well, can ya buy me a cookie first at least? xD lol

Are you trying to be funny, I can't really tell O_o

No, I would actually enjoy that. O: I have a rape fantasy lol. Though it's probably a lot more specific/kinky/nasty and more BDSM and such than other rape fantasies. O:

I think you're inability to understand the mechanics of rape is destroying your capacity for executing comedy. I highly suggest you study the former and give up the latter forever. :3

I think your inability to understand that I posted a sexual joke, not intended to be serious in any sense except the fact that I have do have an honest rape fantasy, is destroying your attempt at appearing intelligent as you try to make someone else feel inferior to you for no reason other than you're a massive ****. (:

I understood it clearly, I just didn't understand what the hell it had to do with the persons erotica. Which was basically nothing at all. :3

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Heheh~ all of my stories are fetishistic. I have a sometimes embarrassingly huge kink with tickling. Just the loss of control, and the sound of laughter, especially feminine~ drives me crazy with joy. *laughs~* I'm also kind of cruel and like seeing people squirm so, it all fit... I'd love to read your stories. Nonconsensual fantasy is, well~ it's one of my favorites. I love corruption as well, rape that turns into really, crazed willingness... I told you I was cruel. <3

Lol XD

Don't you laugh at me! lmao~ I'll give you a reason to. ;3 hehehe