Dear Emo And Scene Kids...

Dear Emo and scene kids.
I feel incredibly old knowing that the 'Goth' faze I went through in high school isn't in vogue any more, but the scene kid faze is. I've heard its dying out from some, others say this isn't true, but it doesn't matter. 5 years from now, it will probably be something else, and styles will have changed.
I know that you just want to forge an identity and fit in, but all of this stuff is just trivial. You can try to be eccentric and "different" but no matter what, there are still others that look like you. Don't worry about who you need to emulate to make friends. Just being yourself is way better. You'll be doing yourself a favor rather than identifying yourself as a label anyways ,weather or not you call yourself a scene kid, people will still label you as such. I guess, have fun with it in high school, but realize this isn't going to be important there after, and you will have to find your true self afterward.Its really not that scary. No one cares about cliques or clothes as much in college. And if you make a big deal out if it in your mid twenties, people will think there is something wrong with you, and they are probably right.
Just be yourself. Life is too short to live for other people.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I hate how scene kids stole the hair bows from PRETTY GIRLS!!

well while i do agree with the scene thing (i hate them!) cant say the same for one.always will be one.

Yeah.I agree.Even though goth is dying out,I am getting ready to be a part of the sub culture.I highly abhor fads and fashions that are currently popular.I enjoy standing,I think that Goth subculture is so unique.It will never die!<br />
I personally do not give a lick about Emo.