EMO- Boy Or Girl?... Or Both!

Now first off, I think it is completely wrong to "make fun" of any type of person and I also disagree with the labels. But, EMO is becoming a distraction for me personally. In my school I am a senior. My generation is typically more clean- cut almost preppy/punk. However just two small grades below us the sophomores and freshmen are creating this epidemic known as EMO.
    Now, generally, this would never bother me. But being the traditional girly girl that I am, I just cannot stand for the "dewomanization" of the EMO movement! Look at any EMO kid. Can you honestly tell the difference between the girls and boys? Ex- skinny jeans (black preferably), studded belt, converse, graphic tee with some unknown text (usually with a hidden subversive meaning), short choppy (usually unwashed and greasy) hair straightened to fried perfection with some or all of it covering their eyeliner-ed cheeks! Black nail polish chipped, piercings (which I really don't mind), etc... the list goes on and on! I'm starting to question the sexuality of almost every single freshmen and sophomore I encounter b/c honestly they could swing both ways!
    I know this movement is more about the "supposed" EMO music, but even that is a big joke! I questioned it, went to the most obviously trusted site (www.gurl.com) and found out that EMO actually started in the 80's with something called emotional rock. The dirty-haired boys whining in the mikes today (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, MCR, Panic! at the disco, etc...) are nothing more than punky- pop groups... emphasis on pop. Now I like pop and infact i like this so- called EMO. But I can no longer stand for the similariaties between the sexes. Feminism is a good thing! Having long curly hair, wearing makeup (NOT just eyeliner), wearing skirts, high heels, etc... it's sexy! It's pretty! And the boys... oh don't get me started. First... WASH THAT GOD **** HAIR!!!!! Then please put on a pair of pants that aren't so tight we can see your ***** forcing their way through the thin fabric!
    Just remember, girls AND boys, when you look back and see how awful you look in the yearbook that when your parents said you looked crazy... they weren't lying! I TOLD YOU SO!
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I respect your opinon<br />
but why can't you just let them be? At my school preppy little school girls beat up on them, and its sick! Preppy's have their tastes and emo's have theirs. I would rather be a emo than some preppy school girl. Emo's like their music because it means something to them and it doesn't have to mean anything to you, but they like it. So stop judging.

wtf is this let ppl be who they r im emo and what you gonna do i love mi skinny jeans and before u say anuthing else look at ur self u look weird for me.

LOL. I like the comment you made about guys in skinny jeans.I HATE that too,plus the swept hair that are worn by guys.But I never openly judge Emos.<br />
in my opinion,I don't get the Emo movement.There are alot of em in my area.<br />
I don't think girls have to have curly hair and wear make up.This certainly dosen't apply to me.There are other fashion movements that can make a girl feel feminine without neccesarily curling their hair and wearing make-up.<br />
and do the emos in your area never wash their hair frequently?Unless they have afro type hair(which should not be washed no more than once in a week;some can go up to close to 2 weeks without washing hair)that is REALLY nasty looking on people with caucasian like hair.

I rather be Emo than Prep any day of the week. I am proud of who and what I am. Yes, people scream into the mics so? Preps listen to winey people talk about superficial, unreal, unimportant things. Emo, emotional, it has feeling. Meaning. We can relate to it. Preps aggravate us so much, all that happy peppy, crap 24/7! Its not natural to be that happy! Emo guys where tight pants, Preps where their pants of their butts. Oh, how classy. Not all emos are the same. But we express ourselves, love who we want to, be who we want to. We have better things to think of then stupid things like name brands all day long. And I would just like to say, people look fricking crazy for buying a thin shirt that just says Hollister with a little bird on it for 30 bucks. Senseless. When i look back in my year book years from now, I'm going to look back with pride knowing I believed in something, didn't make a fool out of myself and waisted time being popular, and was myself. We have great bands and music and rock never fades. There is more to people than their titles. Btw, I dont have greasy hair, it's naturally curly and I wash it pretty often. Just incase you assume we don't take baths before slipping into tight clothes. Let people be who they are. Your just not getting all that attention anymore. I'm a freshman going into a different environment discovering who I am and being me. Your about to leave so be you and let them be them. Not like you'll get burned alive infront of City Hall because you see someone in dark clothing.

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First of all I don't like preppy people because I can't stand wearing high heels and skirts and I don't really care about what brand I'm wearing if I'm wearing areo and flinch or not or if I'm wearing any special brand and I can't stand the color hot pink. But I do agree with you a little bit about the skinny jeans part. Also emo people don't have greasy hair also not everyone cares about perfection.

I agree not all girls and guys wanna be preppy and weird. And have you ever thought of how emos see preps. i think that preps focus way to musch time on brands, liek hollister or watever. so Think Twice>

Not all girls want long curly hair, skirts and high heels. You are saying you don't like that all emo people look the same but you are saying that all girls should look the same? I completely agree with you on the guys in tight pants thing though.