Don't Know What Emo Kids A...

Don't know what Emo Kids are.
fairylover fairylover
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2007

I am emo

So are you saying that, just because I cut myself with a razor blade and it left scars, and that because I am shy, sensitive and introverted, that I'm emo??? What a bunch of bullcrap. I'm not emo.

Aw, shucks... thank you!

AEIOU... that description reminded me of some safari TV show on animal planet:<br />
<br />
"[in a low whisper]... and here we have the "emo". Sensitive, shy and introverted, its natural habitat is the vegan coffee shop. Most easily observed on open mic nights, the "emo" can often be found performing teen-angst filled poetry about its ex-girlfriend. Indentifying marking on the "emo" include nautical star tatoos, self-inflicted razor blade scars, jet black plumage, and skin tight t-shirts championing the names of bands you've never heard of. The mating of two "emos" is traditionally followed by a good, hard cry while Jimmy Eat World plays in the background..."<br />
<br />
I take it you're over 30? My father (65 years old) refers to emo music as "the upper middle class suburban teenage blues", lol.