I Find It Odd..

Hi - I'm here just tooling around looking for  "I HATE STUPIDLY NAMED EXPERIENCE GROUPS".  I'm sure it's out there somewhere and thus am reluctant to CREATE the thing from scratch at this point.

What prompted this impulsive search you may be asking. Indeed - why am I here now? 

It's because I stumbled on the following group doing random comments: 

"I KNOW THAT I AM NOT ALONE EVEN THOUGH I AM"         WTF does that mean?  How non committal can one get?

Wondering..  ok, do i even read this one.  No, I didn't at first because I'm impulsive and simply had to come over here to be cynical before anything else.. PRIORITIES!

Oddly, I find this "I MAKE GREAT EXPERIENCE GROUPS' group...  wonder if this dude is in here?.  After all, people who make these Obscure and Senseless Groups have serious ego issues, right?.  Either that or are just too lazy to do the group search or look for another key phrase.  So I think I should check out the group.  Who's here?  Who 'thinks' they got it right?  Cool and Catchy, that's me!  So I'm  looking and my gosh!  There are NO MEMBERS of this group.  Even the creator decided his sucked or was mediocre at best.  LOL

Does no one create Great Experience Groups..  Of course we do.  We know who we are..  Come on.  Show your confidence.  Come out of the closet...  Join this crazy cult.

~ Kool Aid served at 4pm ~


BTW - dude was thanking EP for being there for him during tough times.  Kind of does fit the not alone, but alone experience group..  sort of backwards from how I view it 'alone but not alone'..  The cup is half full / half empty..  I'm a cupfuller!!



Sabrina0202 Sabrina0202
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4 Responses Mar 23, 2008

LOL fungirl - AEIOU has me looking all around for the odd groups and stories... There are a lot of weird ones out there..... <br />
<br />
Thanks for commenting.. Hope you join 'cuz I know you wouldn't give a group a lame name.. you're much too sharp for that..

MMMM this is so true. I think I will look for a group like this and join. Good points.

LOL - Yeah, probably not many more memebers on EP than 5,000. Very unique don't you think?

my favorite "group" was ..."I love Jam"..had like 5,000 members....and no stories..LOL