I Know I'm Too Busy To Be Doing This, But Oh Well:

I just wanted to share with you pervs all the different groups I've created (which is many more than I am currently a part of, 72 vs. 16). I usually create groups when I feel the need to express myself, but can find no group that accurately fits what I want to say. So, feel free to join any of these if you want, or just read through 'em and laugh at me :)

I Handle Physical Pain Better Than Emotional Pain
I Want To Create Beautiful Memories
I Have A Delicate Heart
I Notice Typos
I Don't Know What It's Like To Be You
I Try Not To Be Too Selfish Or Greedy
I Imagine A Brighter Future
I Think I Can Figure People Out
I Am Determined To Live My Life To The Fullest
I Am Sick Of Competition
I Have The Power To Change My Life
I Whip My Hair Back And Forth
I Like To Make Myself Feel Better
I Would Like To Survive
I Was Advised To Write Something Naughty
I Love Hands
I May Make You Mad
I Think Religion Is A Lot Like Anorexia
I Admire Bill Nye "the Science Guy"
I Don't Hate Republicans
I Just Want To Do What I Want
I Don't Have A Role Model
I Am Starting Something New
I Do Not Fit In The Box You've Made To Put Me In
I Am An Infomaniac
I Am Interested In Molecular Gastronomy
I Would Like To Tell You Something About My Generation
I Am Interested In Prehistoric Art
I Think I Am Surprisingly Well-adjusted
I Want To See Past Our Differences
I Do Not Like When People Are Stupid
I Am Not Cut Out For This Life Thing
I Don't Know You
I Study Death
I Wtk What You Like To Do
I Am Excellent At Following Directions Sometimes
I Like To Imagine Myself Inside My Head
I Am Bitter About Some Things
I Want To Find Our Common Ground
I 've Got A Scenario For Ya
I Want To Fix What I Can
I Will Not Feel Like **** Just Because Someone Wants Me To
I Sick Of People Accusing Me Of Being Lazy
I Just Found The Key To The Universe
I Don't Want To Be An Artist
I Think Perfect Is Boring
I Think My Friends Need Makeovers
I Like The Word "dude"
I Do Not Thank The Universe Enough
I Am Going Broke
I Do Not Have A Gentle And Quiet Spirit, Nor Do I Want One
I Like Jill Stein
I Do Not Like My Brother
I Am Interested In The Effects Of The Recession
I Am Not A Fan Of Neoliberalism
I Like Feminist Men
I Am Not Looking For Answers To Validate My Beliefs
I Want To Write A Story About My Man
I Am Exploring My Brain
I Have Been Told I Have A Short Attention Span
I Think We Should Expect More From Men
I Don't Like Overly Pessimistic People
I Am Not Of The Opinion That Barack Obama Is A Good Orator
I Have To Do A Lab Report
I Think My Limbal Rings Are Very Attractive
I Get Turned On By My Ep Avatar
I Do Not Think Suffering Is A Bad Thing
I Love Puleo's Grille
I Have No Particular Interest In Genealogy
I Think Ep Needs To Stop Being Funny

AND from today...

I T's Time For Me To Be Young
I Appreciate Words
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What's a limbal ring?

the ring around the iris of your eyes, science says that people with darker thicker limbal rings are thought of as more attractive (subconsciously) because dark and thick limbal rings are indicators of health and youth. Also, this is supposedly the reason why people often are attracted to light colored eyes, because it makes the limbal rings appear darker by comparison.