Permanetly Disabled After Auto Accident

I was on my way home from work, approximately 3 blocks from home.  I had the right away, no stop signs or traffic lights.  I was crossing a street in which did have a stop sign.  The vehicle that ran the stop sign was exceeding the speed limit.  Approximately 65mph in a 25 mph zone.  It was a young teenage girl around 19 years old who did not have her head lights on.  She ran the stop sign and broad sided me the her vehicle spun around and hit my vehicle again.  Her insurance was lapsed and her temporary registration was also lapsed. I remember being dazed gut able to walk around.  My husband was walking in the field to the right of the road.  My vehicle was pushed toward him. He had to jump out of the way to avoid  being hit.  I went to the 24 hour clinic.  By the time I was seen my back and neck was in excruciating pain. Well now more than two years later, I have already had surgery on my neck.  I am a candidate for surgery on my lower back.  I am in pain constantly.  I can stand for about 15 minutes at a time, walk maybe a half of a block on a good day.  I experienced brain injuries in which my thought process is effected and my memory is very pore.  I have trouble retaining anything.  I finally have been app proved for social security.  However I do not have health insurance any longer. The girl that hit me was given a new car from her father and only received a ticket for failure to yield the right of way.  I will no longer be able to drive.  Not only did I suffer the impact of this accident, but my three children and husband have also experienced great losses as well.  I try to remain optimistic, but it is difficult most days.  I feel that the girl that hit me should be held accountable for my medical expenses and loose her driving privileges also.  This will effect me and my family for the rest of our lives. I know I have left out many crucial details of this ordeal but Thank you for listening to my story. 

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I'm sorry this happened to you.

I will join :)

This is a very sad story, and a gross injustice to you and your family who has to live with the result of this persons carelessness. I pray that you may have the strength everyday, with the love and support of your family your courageous and have a lot of will power. God bless you 🌹


I'm so sorry that happened to you. I just want you to remember that God does all things for a reason, and even if you don't know what that reason is just yet, I promise he will let you know. You will be in my prayers forever! :)

The strength that you have to have endured everything that has happened to you is just more than amazing! I know nothing has been easy for you the past years, but keep up the optimism and life will give you your share of joys.

Sweetie, welcome to America. I have a similar story, But my attorney took my money. I am sooo sorry. At least I can walk a little further than you. Did you file a suit?

Grrr she should have been charged with GBH or even ABH. Makes me mad!!!

I am so sorry to hear about what you suffered .I know a bit of how you feel as I have disability caused by back problems a hole in my heart etc but yours is so much more .Please feel free to come and chat if it helps .I have msn and yahoo messenger .

i am so hopeful this experience will educate us all. And i do truly wish you a speedy recovery!

I like your story and hope you are doing ok somehow. You seem very optimistic. I would like to hear from you here how you are feeling these days.

This girl was speeding with no headlights, no insurance and no vehicle registration? <br />
<br />
Guys, why isn't she in court being sued to the hilt by you?????????????????? Something is really wrong here.

Because she's 19 and has so few possessions that no lawyer will take the case on contingency? If her new car is titled in her name and she owns it with no liens a desperate lawyer might take the case so he would get the car and the victim might get a portion of future earnings.

I'm so sorry for you and your family. xoxo.

I'm terribly sorry for what you have had to go through. I got into a car accident too when I was sixteen, wasn't driving and it wasn't our fault. I got airlifted and put into trauma for a brain and neck injury, my dad had to go to he hospital for his back. When I got back to school I couldn't remember my way around and had to be guided from class to class for a good month. Overall though, I never really felt any ill-will to the guy who hit us. It was an accident and they happen, I doubt anyone ever wakes up thinking "Today I shall hurt and possibly kill somebody". It probably helps though that I was raised by my father who has a very Buddhist approach to life. Surprisingly it was him who had the most trouble keeping from feeling angry over it. <br />
For me though it was like a wake up call in my teenage angst. I realized suddenly that I could actually die and was very lucky to still be living, it really gave me a new perspective. That point really got through too when later that year one of my friends with was killed with her younger brother and two other girls in my class in a auto crash. Life is too short to be bitter. Though I can understand the pain. I fractured on of the vertebrae's in my neck during the crash and some days when I wake up all I can think about is how much it hurts! Hot water bags for about fifteen minutes work wonders though. Still I had to give up horse racing and even now in cars with the stop and go motion it hurts. Rush hour traffic is the worst!

My mom was hit by a motorbike when she was around 60 years old. she was walking across the pedestrian crossing when a motorbike came out of nowhere and hit her. That accident left her left knee in pain for the rest of her life. I often hated the man who did this to her. She is now 87 years old. I was very young then... I was about 10 years old (I'm adopted). So I wasn't in a position to do anything about it. But he was never made to pay for what he did.. and we had no recourse, my mom was in too much pain to travel and to testify to what he did. So he got away with it. It bloody sucks!

i'm so sorry to hear this.. it makes me angry with a sense of justice that has never been given to you, that you certainly certainly deserve.

I feel your pain-I too was run down by a drink-driver 8 years ago and suffered many injuries. My biggest relief came with chinese Laser Acupuncture. Not the Total cure,but a long way better from where I was. Unfortunately the pains never entirely go away. Keep up the positive healing and listen to your body. Best wishes-Frank.

In UK,in orhapaedic hospitals they run courses for people who have various degrees of spinal injury.<br />
I attended a course called " A Back for Living ". Although not a cure , it does teach you how to manage your symtoms.<br />
If you want infocontact "Gobowen Orthapaedic Hospital,Oswestry"

I am so sorry for you pain and the effects of your family. I know it has impacted even your most personal part of your life. My husband has severe back issues and it has impacted our lives as well. I wish you well.

she is only 19. you could have listened to see if a car was coming. i actually am disabled too. i think i am disabled by someone. i had this guy. well anyway, i got weird, and now am diagnosed. but i don't mind. it kind of made me find a reason.

you're a very str0ng optimist,bt somehow u need to fight for ur right.this may n0t only affct u,bt others as well.the girl may repeat her mistakes,and this time an0ther pers0n will suffer.sum1 needs to open her eyes.

I live in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I was driving my 1976 Toyota across what I thought was an overpass that would lead me back the other way. It was under construction, but there were no signs of warning lights. Suddenly, my front tires dipped and I went over the unfinished edge, a nosedive into the dirt below. The construction people didn't find me until morning. I had six broken ribs, my right eye haning out of its socket, and both legs with multiple fractures. My head had gone through the windshied, so my scalp was hanging down over my eyes. My companion fainted when she first say me. I was in the emergency room. Some of her friend advised her to let me die and collect any saving I had. She said, "**** You" and called for an ambulance to Khon Kaen Regional (State) hospital. I was an English teacher at the time and one of my friends was teaching at that hospital. He asked that I be given the best doctors. The couldn't save my eye, but I can walk if I do so carefully. My companion when to the Buddhists who promised to help. One night I heard chanting around my bed and smelled incense. I looked and there were 6 monks surrounding the bed. They weren't stand, they were floating in the lotus position. Later, I asked Lungtawet, the leader about it. He say, oh yes, we saved you, but we couldn't do much for the German also in the hospital because he had brain damage. American health care rank 87 in the world. Truman tried to get free health care for all, like the Canadians, English, French and Cubans have. If you want to get mad, U.S. goverment is debating the issue right now. Tear down the A.M.A. and the health insurance scam the Richard Nixon started!<br />
Bodhi Robin

So sorry to hear such a tragic story. Yes, sometime life is unfair and often the wrong one just manage to get by with minor punishement. <br />
<br />
I've heard that Bamboo salt could relief your pain that you get while working. This is actually sea salt cook in bamboo to get rid of unwanted chemical and only good chemical is left to balance your body chemical. With balance chemical and PH, your body will slowly heals itselves naturally.<br />
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Personally, I reckon it's sad when a government allows people to drive with no insurance. This is not teaching responsibility and I am annoyed that the people allow our government to do this. I say sue the government!!!!<br />
<br />

When you get you disability from SSA you should get Medicare.

BESIIIIIIIIIDES going to a shrink, what happens if nothing at all motivates you, and U wish U were some place else always + my stepmom I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate

Hello, ... You sound so upset and heartbroken with injuries that may or may not last a life time. My heart and magic is flying from my hands and heart to make you feel some relief and comfort to tell you that you are not alone. I too suffered life threatening injuries and still suffer from them. Life has no gaurantees. We wake up, drink our coffee, hope the day is going to go alright and a simple thing that no one could think of happens that may hurt us for a long time. The shocks of a life altering event that has many implications of how our life used to be has tremendous heart welching effects we wouldn't even wish on a enemie. My suggestions to you would be these. 1. Try not to blame yourself. We cannot be responsibile for the oddnesses that implacate a huge mountain of issues. 2. Try to re-think your thought-patterns. Traumatic events do last a few years. 3. Things could have been a lot worse. You may have been a quad or more injuries. 4. Smile!!! You have so much to look forward to!!!5. Time will bring comfort that Doctor pills and rehabilitation cannot magically bring your way. 6. Patience!!! No one realistically has it these days. Life changing events and what we may or others may expect is sometimes like a television station. And lasted lucky 7. You are who you are, no matter what. Prove them wrong. Change some aspects in life that you never thought you could do. Plan things out within a small writing guide on a daily basis. Never give up hope. You have already come a huge way and will do so for yourself. Love yourself, Give and you will receive. Much like this mail and if no one has told you today. "I Love You." There is so many neat and wonderful things we have to look forward to. Your body will take a lot longer then what you may have thought or expected but it will. Give yourself a break and give to youself only. Make others do their things for a little while and love the special one inside. There are ones out here that trully care .... Colleen....

My best friend was rear-ended by a lady without insurance. He had to finish paying off the loan for his truck since he owed more than the car was worth.<br />
I added under-insured insurance to my policy even though I didn't have a loan for my car.<br />
Later a man without insurance caused the accident I was a victim of. 44 days in a trauma center, another month in in-patient rehab, 2 additional rehabs and a year on leave from work. My under-insured policy and work paid all of the bills, over 1.5 million dollars.<br />
Even though I didn't loose a lot of money, I had a huge resentment towards the man who caused the accident. I prayed for him every day for a couple of months and do the same whenever he comes to mind.<br />
I no longer am full of resentments and vengeful but part of what I do is implore people to add underinsured motorist to their auto policy.

A similar experience happened to my husband and me almost a year ago, on Sept. 23rd. We were on our way to a long delayed dinner out when an 18 year old girl in a brand new Mazda broadsided us. She had run a steady red light, which the police report later stated. Our 1986 Chevy Nova was destroyed, and we thought we sustained only minor injuries. I went to the emergency room of the local hospital, while my husband stayed behind to fill out the police report. I had bad neck and chest soft tissue injuries, and he had head injuries. However, he went back to work right away and never received medical care, thinking he was o.k. Three months later, his vision started to go, and he went to see his eye doctor, who told him the eye tests were all normal and that he needed to make an appointment with a neurologist for a C.T. scan. It turned out that he had subdural hematomas on both sides of his brain, and had to have immediate emergency brain surgery. We were terrified, to say the least. Luckily, he had the surgery in time; luckily, he had an excellent neurosurgeon; luckily, Progressive (the girl's insurance) paid the medical bills, and so did Cigna, our insurance. Luckily, too, we had a witness, who offered to testify on our behalf, if needed. However, my husband has some small lingering effects from the surgery, including numbness in his legs and periodic brain "blips." If you are having difficulties with brain functions, I urge you to see a neurologist and have anything serious ruled out. In restrospect, I wish my husband had gone to our internist right away. People do not realize how serious a bump to the head can be. The girl who hit us thought the whole thing was funny, and told the police we ran the red. Lucky for us we had the witness. After much deliberation, we settled with Progressive, but the accident took a great physical, and emotional, toll on us. I drive only when I have to run errands, and even quit my commuting job after fourteen years due to my stress during driving. However, I prayed a lot and gave thanks for the important things, such as family. Such twists of fate often lead us to rethink our priorities, don't they? I wish you the best in your recovery, and send you multitudes of prayers.<br />
<br />
Josie Willis

WELL,I hope the father put the new car in her name so you can sue and get the car to sell.<br />
<br />
These people don't care about the victim and she will continue to do studid acts in the future.<br />
<br />
You may not get closure,accountability or financial compensation unless you SUE :0(

That is just so sad, life can be unfair sometimes, but if with leave things in the hands of time, it will sort everything out... best of luck

I'm so sorry! God bless you all and I really hope you're going to be okay. Keep in good spirits.

It is a blessing u is still here God wasnet ready for you to go home . i will love to be your friend call me my name jacola walker i am 26 (510)253-8884

I am so sorry that you were in that bad accident and that the other girl was not punished for her incompetancy. I am happy though that you were able to get social security. Iwish you andyour family well and I will definitely pray for all of you that God will help you all through this tough time. Anytime you need to blow off steam or cry to someone, I will be here for you. Peace &Love to you & your family.

You and your family are in my thoughts as you prepare for surgery. As difficult as it may be I hope you remain optimistic.

I would think that you should be able to send the bills to her parents insurance. I do not usually believe in sueing, but in this case maybe you should bring them to court. Every state has funky rules on accidents, but you probably have a case. I would start calling lawyers.<br />
When my daughter was 8 she was walking to her after school programm which was 2 blocks from her school, she had to cross a 3 lane road. she made it across 2 and was hit in the last lane. She was in the cross walk. The drivers insurance said in the state of MD my daughter was at fault. They paid her bills and that was it. She thankfully was only banged up nicely, nothing major wrong, but is still scared to cross the street and she's 14 now. I did not fight the insurance company, but sometimes I think I should have at least looked into it. Thankfully she is fine because it could have been very bad.<br />
It can't hurt to look into a lawyer. Good luck with everything.

Life is FUBAR here, to be sure!

I hope you keep your Dr. appointments, do as much for your self as possible,keep writing here on this site..<br />
<br />
I wish four you Peace and joy...