My Bad Girl.

I'm with my little lady, late at night on the train. My little lady was a bad girl earlier, and went to the bathroom. She didn't ask for permission before she went though. Her body had been urging her to go, and she released it. For that though, I told her that she would have to be punished, and so we come to the present moment with her.

Now, hours later, bad girl feels the need to pee again. Her body is aching and quivering some for her need to release. It doesn't help that I've now made the feeling that she needs to pee that much more painfully obvious to her. She asked for permission to pee earlier, but I denied her for being a bad girl earlier. As a matter of fact, I took her off to the side, and spanked her for the request. I've given her water to drink to make up for her peeing without permission earlier. That takes us to our present situation on board the train. We are in an empty train car late at night. My bad girl is fidgeting from her intense need to pee arising. I ask her if she would like permission to go here. She says "Yes, please." I tell her to remove her panties, and to spread her legs to relieve herself, but she does not have permission to pee. She gladly obliges. I lift her skirt some, and start fingering her *****, and playing with her ****. Her pleasure increases more, as she unzips my pants, and starts rubbing my hard **** up and down. She asks for permission to ***, and I grant her permission to do so. Her moans are loud across the empty train car. She begins to lick her *** off my fingers. My baby is being a good girl and holding her pee in, so I grant her permission to lift her legs up, and pee a little, but she cannot let it all out. I tell her that she has to hold the rest for being a bad girl earlier. She releases some, and moans as she does it. Our stop approaches, and she has no panties on...while having just released a little bit. I help her out of her seat, and out of the train itself. It's doors close behind us, and the lack of a visible bathroom combined with my little lady holding her pee is driving her crazy. She starts to do her pee pee dance, and I noticed that when she got up earlier and exited the train, she had released a few spurts by accident. I slap her butt for being bad, and letting it go. As the train station empties more, I take my little lady, and pin her against a wall. I ask her why she's being a bad girl, and letting some go. She responds with moans and a frantic pee pee dance. I spank her butt for not answering my question, and I ask her again. She tries to respond more clear this time, but I've surveyed the area, and I know that no one is around. As she's trying to do her best so that she can answer me slowly without wetting herself, I lift her skirt, and play with her ***** again. I kiss her passionately. She kisses back, but her intense need to pee reminds her of what her body must do soon. My hands creep up her shirt, and I begin to play with her breasts and nipples. I tell her to squat down, and to spread her legs. I tell her that she may pee here, but only after we both ***. She knows what I mean, and gingerly takes my **** inside of her mouth. She begins to rub herself at the same time. I notice a few spurts that come while she is doing it, and each time that she does, I tell her to stop rubbing herself long enough to spank herself 4 times for each one. Eventually, we both ***. She swallows me all down, and while using the last of her strength to hold herself together, she looks up at me, and asks me for two favors. She asks for permission to pee now, and tells me that it would turn her on greatly for me to pee along with her. I grant her permission, and I pee alongside with her. A few minutes later, we exit the station. I'm not giving her panties back, and the night is still young. My arms around her, we kiss, and take off into the night. Our first order of business...a nice cold bottle of water for my bad girl. Time to see what else the night brings for my bad girl and me.
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Nice story!!

Rather like this, thanks for sharing it

Oh my What a lovely story u got there ;-)