Girl Whose Stepdad Loved Making Her Hold Her Pee

I found this story online someplace. I WONDER if this story is fully true, partly true or made up. It COULD have been true. But here it is from a woman that encountered severe bladder discipline.

This is really long, sorry: I had to hold my pee and I was told it was to teach me "bladder control." Now that I am older, I realize this was just some way I think my step-dad got off -- since I never had any bladder control problems before he came to live with us. My biological dad left us when I was 6. He was rather passive. My mother was the mean one. She was not severely abusive. She just liked roughing me up every few days. Minor beatings for little things. She was the typical fat overweight loud mouthed swearing "mean mother". My older brother was targeted for more beatings than I was and when he was 9 he ran away and found our biological dad and we never saw him again for several years.

Anyhow my mother was a waitress at a classy restaurant and worked from 2 to 11 PM 5 days a week. She remarried this doctor she met there when I was 8. Until he moved in he seemed very nice - polar oppisite of my mother. I had to pee frequently (about every 90 minutes to 3 hours) Several months after he came, my stepdad (who was also a cardiologist) decided that peeing that often plus getting up once a night to pee was too much and I had to learn bladder control. My mother backed him up and told me I would need to learn better control. Punishment for any accident was a beating by my mother (who enjoyed beating me anyway) So the rule was I was only allowed bathrooms 5 times a day when my stepdad said I could go. I had to be with my stepdad afternoons because my mother worked. This bathroom discipline applied at school as well. Rule was he took me to pee when I woke in the morning. Whether I had to do #2 was my business. being I was a girl I had to sit down anyway so I had to hold that as well). He was to come to school at lunch and take me home to pee or poop, he picked me up at school and allowed me usually to go at 3 PM when we got to his office and again at 7 PM when we got home and again at bedtime normally but he made sadistic exceptions sometimes.

My stepdad also told my teachers and the administration at school that I was having bladder control problems day and night and that I was using the bathroom too frequently during the day. He told them that the doctor (which was him but he used an associate doctor's name) that I was not to use the bathroom any more at school - that he would let me go before school, when he picked me up for lunch, and then after school. He told them that this would eliminate my need to go at school and would teach me control very quickly. Everyone agreed. Well, at first, he did let me go in the morning but made me drink a lot of water so by lunch I was watching every second tick by and praying for the bell to ring. . Later, things got worse; on some mornings he would not let me go in the morning if I accidentally overslept. It was up to me to be up by 7:15 so I could use the bathroom. I had to leave for school by 7:30 so he would let me sleep till 7:25 if I did not wake up on time. On those days he got me up right before we had to leave and telling me there was no time and he would apologize all the way to school. I would tell my teachers but she they never believed me. I was not even allowed to ask to use the bathroom. If I did, she told me not to whine and then told my Dad. When the class got a bathroom break, she would sometimes tell me as the class was getting up to go, that she was sorry I was not allowed and I had to stay in my seat or walk with her. Everyone knew what was happening to me.

Dad would pick me up for lunch and sometimes took me out for lunch. I was not allowed to pee until I ate my lunch and we got home. Once in a while, he would tell me we did not have time because I took too long eating and he would take me back to school without letting me go. I did wet myself in class on two days when he did this. I got a private lecture from the teacher but all the kids heard. It was horrible. My Dad had the forethought to leave a change of clothes with the nurse in case I was “defiant” and refused to wait. When my mother got home from work at 11:15 PM she would pull me out of the bed and kick and beat me for peeing my pants and would call me mean things. Nothing to cause any real injuries. After that, the kids would tease me. Most days between the time my stepdad droped me off at school and the class began, I could sneak to the girls room an pee if he forgot to take me. A couple times I got caught but that teacher felt sorry for me so she covered for me. Then things got even worse - some of the girls in the class would see me standing around on recess when I had to go badly and would push me into a corner and take turns pushing on my stomach. They never did it really hard, just enough so it was hard for me to hold it. They would taunt me and sometimes get the other kids to line up and take turns hitting and kicking me in the stomach. Twice they took me into the wooded area at school and made me lay down and they sat on my stomach. I remember trying not to cry and they made me repeat over and over that I had to pee and that it hurt, all while they bounced up and down on top of me. Some of the girls would grind into me hard over and over. I wonder if they were a little turned on.

I would tell my mother and Stepdad the kids were hurting me and he would say he was sorry but it was what he had to do and it couldn't be THAT bad (I never gave him all the details b/c it was too embarrassing). I hated him sometimes but he always seemed so nice about it that I believed him. Everyone else did too. On a typical day, I had to hold it for hours and usually he made me drink a lot of something good (soda, lemonade). After school, I was able to sneak again into the girls room and pee once again before he would pick me up and take me to his office. I had to sit in his little back lounge and was not allowed to use the bathroom until it was time to go home - usually around 7. He only did this when noone was around. If people were around he would let me go. At times when he was with a patient in the other side of the building I sneaked into the bathroom to pee. This happened about half the time.

He would periodically come check on me and say something like "I know you have to pee, honey, but I know you can hold it. Be a good girl." I was never allowed to ask to use the bathroom (I could say I had to go to the bathroom and how bad), I had to finish whatever food or drink I was given, and could not "act" like I had to pee. I had to sit up straight and could never touch myself between the legs, or even cross them, to keep myself from going. If I asked, whined, begged, or had any kind of accident he explained that I was obviously not learning (learning what? I would wonder) and had to learn better control. I had a time chart and he would add time on for every time I did not follow orders. If I got caught peeing, he took away the next 2 bathroom breaks. Third and fourth grade were a living hell and it seemed like everything revolved around trying to act natural so the kids would leave me alone, so my stepdad was happy, and so maybe I could pee more often. I did notice that on the days I did not say anything at all and just acted completely fine, he would praise me and sometimes would let me go right after school and earlier in the evening, telling me I seemed to be having really good control that day.

Sometimes when I had to go, he would bounce me on his knee, take me for a nice slow nature hike, wrestle with me, drive on really bumpy roads, etc. I know he was getting off completely by torturing me. One of the worst tortures was when he would not let me pee after work and would make me take a long shower. I was not allowed to pee and he would ask me on those days to fill up a beaker after my shower to see how much I was able to hold. He had been measuring how much I could hold regularly anyway and never seemed really happy with my "progress" - he would always say that I was going to have to work harder and learn better control. I hated the beaker because I knew he always used it as an excuse to lengthen the time I had to hold my pee. I was expected to pee at least a quart each time. He had a million ways to challenge me and eventually I did pretty much learn to control myself and ignore the pain. I could wait almost all day by the end of his "treatment." He slowly let me go more and more and finally during fifth grade, he stopped making me hold my pee. He left the family by 6th grade. By then I developed baldder problems and began wetting during the day. I eventually left and moved in with my biological dad and brother who while he was neglectful he never beat us. My mother calmed down a couple years later and forgave us for leaving. She wound up remarrying and having a couple more kids and she calmed down with them getting mellow in her "old age".


I am unsure how true this story is - I found this on some website - I cut and pasted it and saved it.
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nah i dought thats true i men this iss a little girl elementry lil girl and trust me someone wud have called the cops if they read this sror and then drama then te truth

could be real

Clearly a fantasy. Many people who are in this part of EP will hold back their urine because it makes them sexually aroused. Being forced to do so takes it to the next level.
From comments here and on other related threads, there are a number of females who enjoy a full bladder, even to the point of pain. As a guy, I'll sometimes do that too, pretending a dom female (teacher, boss, etc.) is making me wait.

Sounds pretty fake. I enjoy desperation but I would hope that man would be separated from his daughter if it was real. After all the story says he told the school system who would have to real the abuse. If they didn't the school might be shut down or at least some people would be looking for a new job

It's got to be fiction, certainly the school bit. Quite a broken mind if that's her fantasy...

I would say this story is extreme, but I have had babysitters and teachers that wouldn't let me pee when I needed to real bad. I think this is why I now enjoy being denied urination and being forced to hold my pee when my bladder is bursting.

Some females at my school were denied but they walked out of class and told the assistant principal who pull the teacher aside and told her she could not make girls wait. Even still some girls choose to hold it whether it was because they didn't want to ask for a pass or they didn't want to miss class or whatever. I also enjoyed seeing they crossing their legs and squirming and holding themselves. I used to hold my pee myself and I would let little dribbles out during the day. Not enough to soak myself just enough to leave a little spot and people couldn't be sure if it was pee or I spilled something or if it was a shadow. Now I enjoy wetting myself and only on occasion do I get really desperate. I really love to see girls need to pee. I also like when they wet themselves (accident or on purpose)

I admire the assistant principal for pulling the teacher aside and telling her she could not make girls wait. Students squirming and holding themselves is not conducive to any student in the room trying to keep focus on the lesson. I've been in desperation.

I can assure you that I would have not learned one thing in class if I was really desperate. Denying students because they will miss part of the lesson is not applicable if the student is that desperate. To stay in the room is to miss the rest of the lesson regardless if the student makes it to the end of the lesson or has an accident before the end of the lesson.

But what about the guys. Was it OK to make them wait if they were crossing their legs and squirming and showing signs that had a very full bladder. But it is wrong to do that to the girls?

I can't imagine a rule that says to allow girls out of class if there is an emergency, but deny boys. If the boys can't wait they can sit in class and wet their pants.

That clearly is abuse and it is illegal. An emergency is an emergency regardless if the gender, or the age, or the grade point of the student. If it is a genuine need and certainly if the student is desperate, the gender of the student is totally irrelevant.

"I really love to see girls need to pee. I also like when they wet themselves (accident or on purpose." This is your quote.

Don't you think that there are teachers who will feel the same way you do? They may feel that way about the girls or the boys or both? The teachers could be men or women. Being teachers doesn't take away what turns them on. But professionalism does guide what teachers do about it.

What disturbs me is when I see situations where I wonder if the teacher in your own words. "love to see girls need to pee ...when they wet themselves" Put the word boys or the word students.

This is one reason why I am against set rules denying students going to the restroom during class. There are ways that will limit students leaving during instructional time without putting in a rule that says "hold it while seated in your chair or **** it in your chair." Or, even allude to that.

That is sexual assault if a teacher denies a student because the student's need is turning the teacher on. There can be instead consequences for misbehavior which include interrupting the class on a continuous basis stating a need for the restroom. If a student is found guilty of abusing this, then a consequence is in order. But the student should have due process. There should be evidence. The student should have the right to explain any personal problems, see the nurse, contact parents etc. before the school gives any major consequence.

I think this man should have been sent to prison for his treatment of his stepdaughter and her mother seems just as bad watching and enjoying it. If that were me as a kid I probably would have been removed from that house. I also do not see an entire school condoning this. I could see if he talked to one teacher and she was sadistic and helped the stepdad abuse her but the entire group of teachers. Sounds far fetched. I hope this story was made up by someone.

Plus the story about the Sister at that Catholic School. She would have beaten me senseless if I were in her class. I no way could have even held till 10 AM much less all day long. I would ahve had to go double diapered to school to survive the day

Chris, I remember reading this same story, but like you, I can't remember where I read it, but it was before you posted it here.

I'm hoping that the story is either fiction or highly embellished!