Latest Project

For my latest project i wanted to do something that was influenced by Allan Houser... solid shape, contour line, and visual and physical texture. i had researched sand casting and wanted to do something along those lines but my teacher came up with the alternative of pour casting into a carved firing brick. i carved out my mold and pour casted (more like melted down) aluminum into the mold (i chose aluminum because of weight and cost issues) and ended up with a neatly cratered, domed leaf shape and used two similarly shaped walnut wood pieces to complete the necklace. i constructed a coiled wire connection system to make a linked chain to make the piece into a necklace after drilling appropriate holes in the three main parts. it turned out well but i think i need to use a thicker gauge for some of the coiled wire connectors

xMrVincentVegax xMrVincentVegax
Feb 25, 2009