Lists = Control

Let me start by saying I'm a spazz and a half.

I'm constantly running around doing ten million things, losing myself in the middle. Like most heavily-involved high school students, I very rarely have down time (relaxation? what's that?) and have trouble keeping track of the zillion things I have to do.

Enter The List.
... Actually, The List (the one actually titled "The List" in my notebook) is a list of all my other lists. So let me rephrase that.

Enter The Lists.
A little better.

A sample of some of my lists...
Potential Colleges (separated into Reach, Middle-Ground and Safety Net)--with average ACT scores/GPAs and best and worst point
Photo Concept Ideas (I'm big on photography)
Major Projects (separated into School, House, Work, Personal)
Stress (I periodically make lists of what's stressing me out, so I can organize and tackle it efficiently)
Goals (School, Work, Personal)
Favorite Words (example: Quidnunc, noun. Busybody.)

The only thing better than a list is a Schedule. Which is a type of list anyway, but still.
SpazzAvalanche SpazzAvalanche
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2010