Organize The Chaos

Packing lists, shopping lists, to do lists...
They help me sort out the thoughts clambering on top of each other.
Now if only I could remember to put things on the list.
cupofchai cupofchai
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 7, 2010

I don't think gypsies make lists :P

I suppose that is life. LISTS of names. things to do; things to but; mind joggers and reminders about an assortment of odds and ends including email addresses; pass words; uer names and what has been replied; and what has been neglected. <br />
To remember to put on the list, ONLY ONE WAY. I do not charge for give away ideas.<br />
A pen and paper in your pocket all the time. Every time, something pops up, write it down. When you are next at home/ office, copy out by priority; importance etc into your planner. This is when you delete from the planner all that is done. You have added what bugged you. Now into a fresh sheet of paer, put all that needs doing and with the pencil/pen into your pocket. To do what need to be done and to add what new activities surface. The cycle continues. NO CHARGE.