I Meet My Surgeon Tomorrow

I must confess i'm scared to death, petrified would be more like it. It would be much different if it was just tissue, but its the core holding my body together. I've never liked doctors, the smell of a hospital or the needles. I'm a wimp to pain lol! i know it will be extensive with a long recovery and tons of work to get my body mobile again.  I would be a fool to pass this up, i'm going but not without sweaty palms.  I pray this is the miracle i've been looking for.. i pray i;m in good hands. for one wrong move will cost me my life,  i must be able to trust her and believe in her skills and talent to give me the life i've dreamed of,

If a miracle needs to happen i pray its now, for this doctor has to be a god send in my life.  my appointment is at 3 pm tomorrow, i pray that my friends are standing behind me in this, for i do not know what expect, or even what i'm looking at as my goals te reach, I'm lost my friends. But i'm, putting it in gods hands, for i can't lose with my god! your sweet words of blessings and love has been a lamp unto my feet,  your love will see me through this unpredictable day that lies ahead. I love you all my friends, blessings to you.!morrow
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stay firm, I told you it will be ok and its ok ( said InshAllah, its mean if God will,so God willed :-)<br />
we wait to see you smiling, with yours silky long hairs:-)<br />
Prayers works,especially for others prayers for you having a great speed to penetrate havens, and return with answered from Lord,<br />
But prayers for our self are seldom ,........ or take a long time to answered.

You will be in The Knights prayers and thoughts tomarrow.Please do update us as soon as its possible to do so.ill keep you in my prayers.

I was examined and it looks like i won't be able to walk again, however a surgeon that specializes in spina bifida is being sought in my area. They are hard to find. But the doctor who saw me thinks its better that i be braced and chaired. She doesn't feel physical therapy will do me any good, for i can't do the exercises. I thought i was meeting a surgeon today, no such luck i'm afraid. I'm still not giving up hope. Waiting for a call from my doctor, hopefully a surgeon has been found.

Stay strong, I'm thinkin of you :-) x

I need all the prayers and support i can get, i love you all.

My stay may be video taped if i can do that at the hospital, i will post pictures of my recovery. I'm counting the minutes away lol i;m going to look like a robot when they're done with me. I pray it will help others in my situation find strength, and hope. Its in god's hands now.

I sent it yesterday i'm two hours away from my visit. Blessings to all of you my friend, may god hold you and keep you!!!!!!!

All the very best tomorrow!...

I love you all so very much.

sending you my best wishes and support!

we are here and praying for you. Lot of love,prayer for yours recovery and again a nice personalty with a kind soul with Us.<br />
InshaAllah it ok I am so positive about yours health,pls Strong,Though I know its not easy<br />
We all here for you you are not alone,

thank you so much!

Be strong.You are not alone.God is with you.Have a faith and believe everything will be fine!I am sure.

im am with you my friend be strong i said a prayer for you

thank you!

Breathe honey we are here and praying for you. Lost of love and support coming your way.