Lists Of Pervs Etc,Etc,Etc

What is going on here? I thought E.P was a place to come and yourself without being judged or aded to a list. I know of two other groups who make it thier buisness to make list of people who dont think as they do. The Nazi's nd the Communists.
have we become no better than those people? do you feel safer that yo have pigion holed someone into a group, list. can you sleep better knowing that all the (your words) Perverts haev been found out and added to a list? How about all the southerners or democrats,republicans,europeans,Canadians, come on lets round them all up and get them on a list. we need to know who thers horible people are. you people and your lists. your so frightend of folks that dont think exactly like you do. I guess the rest of us will make lists of you!
I forgot Santa makes lists as well.
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Jan 26, 2013