All the Time

1) Gives me purpose

2) Extirpates boredom

3) Gives me hope

4) Helps me priortize

5) Keep record

6) Feel satisfied after crossing off tasks

umathena umathena
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 22, 2007

a) All very true, couldn't agree more!<br />
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b) Are you glad you can now make lists in comment boxes? I am!<br />
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c) I take it you're not odd like I am, in that I always try to make my lists have a certain number of items. 3. 5. 10....

i keep small notebooks (3"x5", spiral bound with perforated edges) EVERY where; bedside table, kitchen, purse, table in living room, desk, laundry room. i write things down immediately as i think of them. each day i go through every notebook making a master list of things to do. each week i do the same but for a grocery list. sure does ease the short term memory loss and as you said ... there's a certain satisfaction and sense of achievement when you put a line through a task or better yet when you're able to throw the entire list out due to completion!