I Am So Forgetful

I make lists because I am so forgetful.  I have so much to do during the day, if I did not make a list half of it would not get done.  Hopefully this does make me anal.
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6 Responses Nov 3, 2007

Thank you everyone, this makes me feel better at least I am not alone.

I also make lists, especially if I have a number of errands to run, I'll make a list and put the different places I have to go to in order for best possible distance and time sequence... but I usually forget and leave the list at home.

I bought one of those self help books on how to improve my memory...where the heck did I leave that thing? I haven't seen it for days. I know I never took out of the house..........I couldn't have left it in the car....hmmmmm.......

I make lists too, because I can only remember so many things at once. I think it's quite normal and really a sensible way to keep track of stuff. Don't over think it if it works for you.

Dont feel bad we have post- it's all over our office.

Anal, oral, ...frued was a nut!! I think I spelled his name wrong.