How She Made Me Her Foot&oral Slave

When I was 14 years old, i visited the french branch of my family near marseille.
We stayd 5 days with my aunt&uncle who had also invited a female cousin , claire, of their side which made claire my couisin 2nd or 3rd degree. She was 16 by that time. she asked me to go to a lake with her and her gf.
In the water they kept on dumpin me til i got totally exhausted . i almost crawled back to our towels.I did nt mention that she was8and still is) very cute: dark curly hair, green eyes, slender but nicely shaped body, with a sensual mouth.
when i laid on my back she attched my hands with her nylons. her friend sat on my chest putting her feet on my scrotch and **** which got hard immediately.Claire coverd my face with her both feet and told me to lick, when i shook my head her friend tilly squeezed my balls so i started licking.then she squeezed my nose between her toes, i opened my mouth 2 breath & she shoved her toes in my mouth and made me suck them. I ll continue when s.o. is interested
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My god that is hot....thanks for sharing

thank you for sharing the rest of your story<br />
it was wonderful indeed and I thoroughly enjoyed it.<br />
Celia and Tilly are both very lucky women.

Am interested in hearing the rest marc, did you end up with a foot fetish?

Her gf started to rub my ***** and i got even harder and started 2 shiver,Celia took her toes out of my mouth and asked me if i like 2 be relieved,i said yes please&amp;she said beg to suck the toes of my left foot,so i begged her,she then shoved her big toe inside and i sucked-she started moaning-told me i m a good excited me to see her dominant smile her satisfaction and i stared to squirm in my swimming short.her friend (tilly) long blonde hair ,brown eyes, long slim feet,almost no breasts said: that bastard came too quick-celia said we haven t finished yet. she moved backwards and sat on my face-pulling her string aside and squeezed my nose between her bottom cheeks-i saw that she was completely shaved-celia moved downwards&amp;tossed my short a bit down.she squeezed my balls with her hand and ordred me : tongue out!it was my 1st time to see a girls sex and naked ***--there was a light pleasant odor as we came out of the lake it was fresh--i was stunned&amp; excited-i put my tongue out-tilly started to move on my mouth-she told me to stiffen my tongue-i did so and i felt her lips and something little strange&amp; unknown with my tongue."Up&amp;down now" she ordered.As i did so it took a moment before i realized that celia squeezed my balls less hard now but began to slap my slowly stiffening **** against the sole of one of her feet.Tilly and celia said 2 each other but in my position under tillys *** and P.... i could nt understand--tilly then freed my face for a moment just to turn around. You got to lick better now she said and sat herself with her p...y on my mouth.she moved up &amp; down on my tongue, i was still not fully erected and concentrated in keeping my tongue as stiff as possible and to move it fore and backwards--thus it went on quite a while i have (had) no notion how long. when she began 2 move quicker and quicker i felt that celia slapped my **** against her toes.i got harder-than all of i sudden a new tast on my tongue liquid started to flow in my moth it did neither smell nor taste like urin nor *****-i liked it and it excited me even more-just before celia had also slapped my d.... faster &amp; faster but now she strke him slowly against her soft toes--i felt i was about to explose-tilly moved sideways and dropped beside my head,moaning, heavily breathing. i just had a few seconds before she covered my eyes with her foot. celia said you are allowed to come only with the view of our feet or with your face under p... and *** and laughed.Tilly had her finger that was smelling intensely like the new exciting taste in my mouth below my nose, told me to inhale -i did-"lick it -i licked her finger. celia had further slowed down he agitation on my hardon against her soles and toes-the feeling was incredible-my d.head against that ultra soft skin- i started shivering and tilly putted her other foot on my lips-celia all of a sudden stopped i wanted to say celia-please or like that but when i opened my mouth tilly shoved a few of her toes in my mouth.than i felt all of celias toes squeezing my d... softlty with one big toe just on the hole and i came so violently. Naughty boy celia laughed. she went to the lake and washed her feet while i layed down on my back gasping tillys toes no more in my mouht but she has placed both of her feet around my facesoftly rubbing my cheeks.Celia came back and told me that i was lucky 2 have obeyed cause she d crush my balls if not. Tilly said that her brother and father would have beaten me to cripple if they tell them that i had tried to finger her-so i d better be quiet about everything and continue to do as they tell me.
Celia asked me if this was y1st time to come under girl control and i admitted.Celia told me that they (and especially her) will teach me how to become a good worshipper and that was true. The rest of my holidays i was taught to become a better licker, how to pamper and mass female feet with my hands and then with my lips, they conditionized me by having me come while deeply inhaling their sweaty feet until i got to(e)tally addicted.Before i went back to germany they had me at that point that i got aroused once they made me smell their feet , socks orshoes, As Celia was a little bit angry that only Tilly was face riding me that 1st time at the lake, so she rode at least once a day on my face while staying in my aunts house till the end of the holidays.When she arranged that there was no one around for more than an hour she had me kneel down behind her and beg her to sit on my face-then she put one of her feet on my **** while i had to kiss and lick. In the following holidays i learned how to furnish their toenails, how to satisfy them only kissing and licking their breasts too. When Celia was 18 and me 17 she made me lick and suck her *** too.Tilly went to another town to study in the following year. I became celia s part time slave, which at rare occasions -(in tillys holidays) had to serve both of them.since claire has her own appartement i m ordered to come t o her in my free time (when she has time) and there she s using also handcuffs and whips on me she has some very sexy high heels, some of them i had to buy.Since 4 years she is working for a international service and has to travel worldwide a lot at least twice a year, if she can arrange it, up to 5 times a year she comes to stay with me (with all of her paraph. as whips, hcuffs, favorite (open toe High heels in each of them i had to come at least once) to be served and worshipped. I always enjoy but as she is very possessive , jaelous i m not allowed to serve another girl inbetween.I got to be very carefull cause once i m bound i m totally under her control. Fortunately she hates the web and there s very little risk she ll find out about my activities here. I once was on facebook but considered&lt; it as to dangerous as i might be found by a friend or colleage of her. i changed her and her gf s name in this story too.

please continue!