I Have No Idea Till The Time I Start Losing My Possition Before Them

why people exploit vulnerability?
why we need excellent standard oriented life in profession as well as at home, why we cannot be what we are, who stops us to be what we were to be or?
why we cannot be free, funny, foolish in all our thoughts and beings when we are close to each others?
why we have to hold back lot of things to say while we are talking to others?

but i do mistake many time and get injured.....i mistakenly open myself and soul before many listeners and they hit me hard with their gestures, eye contact, comments, and wrong care and caress.

I had bad habit of "making such mistakes" and i plan to do in my near future. whatever they do
Rzorro Rzorro
26-30, M
1 Response May 6, 2012

Mistakes are the most basic form of learning. Big ones, verbal ones and even the ones that you don't even know you're doing are all the same as well. A movie maker can't make a blockbuster before failing miserably at least once. Look it up, I doubt you'll find one that never did mistakes.