I Was Reluctant At First, But...

My husband has always been very submissive and I've enjoyed dominating him in many different ways over the years in our female-led marriage. About a year ago, I opened his iPad to google something and discovered that he had been shopping for adult diapers. When I confronted him about it, he confessed that he had long had a desire to be diapered, but he felt so embarrassed about it, he had never mentioned it to me. I asked him if he had ever worn in diaper in the time we'd been together. He said that he hadn't, because he was afraid of being caught (I *always* seem to find out when he's doing something naughty) and furthermore, he confessed, at least part of what was exciting for him was the thought of me putting him in a diaper.

Having spilled his guts about it, he asked me, very hesitantly, very respectfully, if the idea held my interest at all. I told him that I wasn't sure, but that I would think about it. A few days went by before he summoned the courage to ask whether I was still thinking about it. I told him that I was, but that he was not to bring up the subject again -- if/when I was ready to discuss it, I would let him know.

I think there were two things about it that turned me off. Firstly, as a mother of three, I really thought I was done changing diapers. Secondly, the idea of adult diapers conjures up images of the elderly and the need for incontinence products. I really couldn't figure out how to extract anything remotely exciting from either of those two perspectives.

So I did some searching and surfing on the subject. I was surprised to learn of the very active AB/DL community and found the folks of that persuasion to be very helpful in answering my questions. Refreshingly, that community seems to be frequented by people who aren't just role-playing their fantasies in a public forum. I learned a lot about what motivates adult diaper wearers who aren't incontinent and what motivates those who act as their "caregivers". I also learned a lot of practical details about putting an adult in diapers. I particularly enjoyed some of the photos I saw of physically fit males clad exclusively in diapers, and decided that I really did find that to be an appealing look for a submissive male. I especially like the way it conceals and restricts access to the male genitalia -- something very exciting to a male chastity fetishist like me.

At least a month or so had gone by before I brought up the subject again. I told him that I had been thinking about it and doing some research and I was ready to seriously consider embracing this desire of his. I had two conditions. My first condition was that it would not entail any of the infantilism aspects -- I really had no interest in having an adult baby. The other condition was that his diapers would be for wetting, only -- I wasn't interested in dealing with messy diapers. He said that he, too, had no interest in being treated as a baby and that just the idea of having me see him in a messy diaper was too intensely humiliating.

Our starting point was putting him in a diaper at bedtime. I ordered some ultra absorbent overnight diapers and plastic pants for him. Diapering him the first time was far more exciting than I imagined it would be. It was for him too -- were it not for his chastity device, I'm sure he would have had a stiff little erection. Seeing him all snug and secure in that thick diaper and then snapping those plastic panties in place, I knew right away I was going to be hooked. The next morning, his diaper was wet, but my bed was not -- success! For the next few nights, at bed time, I would ask him if he wanted to be diapered. Of course he did, so fairly soon thereafter, I stopped asking and simply told him to get undressed and get up on the bed so I could put him into his diaper for the night.

It wasn't long before I wanted him diapered during the daytime, too. He's a stay-at-home husband, so there really weren't any significant hurdles to overcome. Up to that point I had been letting him take off his wet diaper and get himself cleaned every morning. One morning, I told him that I was going to change his diaper and that he would be wearing a diaper all day. I told him to get up on the bed and I took off his wet diaper. He told me that he needed to sit on the potty -- he's very regular and goes at almost the same time every morning. I let him go do that and when he returned, I wiped him down thoroughly front and back, slipped a fresh diaper under him, powdered him, tucked and taped his diaper and snapped his plastic panties back into place. I patted the front of his diaper and told him to get dressed and get started on his work for the day. That evening when I came home from work, I changed a very wet diaper and put him right back into another.

I am really surprised at how quickly it came to seem completely normal and natural to keep my husband in diapers. Before I tried it, I thought it would be kinda icky and that I'd soon lose interest. Quite the opposite occurred. I'm the one who wants him to be diapered all of the time, and I think he would now rather be allowed to wear underpants and use the toilet, especially when he's out in public. For almost a year now, he has been in a diaper 24/7, with very few exceptions.

After several months of full time diapering, I decided that I no longer wanted him to use the toilet at all. Frankly, I knew it would be intensely embarrassing for him (because he told me so) but I also know that he's a male who wants to be humiliated by a woman, and I really wanted to push that button. His very regular and predictable movements made it a surprisingly easy next step. When I decided the time was right, before his morning change I informed him that he would no longer have the privilege of using the toilet, and that I would delay his morning change until he pooped, then I would change him. He tried to hold out for a while, but it eventually happened. It was a little yucky, but nothing I couldn't handle with my disposable nitrile gloves and adult-sized wipes.

On the advice of some folks in th AB/DL community, I made some changes to his diet and significantly increased his daily water intake. This had the effect of increasing his urine output (requiring at least three diaper changes a day) but, more importantly, it made his messy diapers much easier to clean up. That part really doesn't bother me at all, anymore, but I can tell by the look in his eyes and the blush on his cheeks every morning that it's still intensely embarrassing to him that I know about every thing he does in his diapers.

He later asked me what changed my mind about the whole messy diaper thing. I thought about it for a while, but I really didn't know why -- it just seemed like it was time to take that step.

Our journey has not been without incident. Diaper rash has cropped up a couple of times, when he's had a messy diaper at an unusual time and had to wait for me to change it -- he's not allowed to touch himself anywhere in his diaper area, let alone change himself. I treated it carefully and it cleared up pretty quickly, but I think it was pretty miserable for him.

Once when we were taking a trip in the car together, his diaper leaked and he wet his pants. That led to a pinnacle of humiliation for him when had to accompany me (with the crotch and seat of his pants obviously wet) into the family-friendly restroom at the next rest stop so I could change his diaper and he could change his pants.

There have also been a few unexpected benefits of keeping my husband in diapers. For one thing, I am no longer awakened by him getting up in the middle of the night to use the toilet -- my nights are now completely peaceful.

For as long as I've been dominating him I have fantasized about chaining him to the foot of my bed at night or keeping him in a cage for a rather long period of time, but I never did because I knew he would need to pee at some point. Now I get to do those things to him as often as I like.

I do love the way he looks in a diaper, and the way it feels to pat his thickly padded bottom when he's lying next to me in bed at night. I also like hearing the subtle crinkle of his plastic pants under his clothes.

The most surprising and most important benefit to me is that it has strengthened our bond. At least a few times a day, we have this very intimate moment of nurturing and love and trust. It's not for everybody, I'll grant you, but making my husband wear diapers has most definitely brought us even closer together.
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I'm definitely not into diapering or that stuff... I was aroused at the control you've got over him.... Then there is the chastity.... Your thing... He's soooooooooooo lucky....

I wish I could find a women like you. You are both lucky.

Great story, you both are very lucky to have found each other. I wish I knew of a place where I could find such a relationship in real life. Until that time I like the others here I am sure cannot wait to hear more of your exploits so that we may live vicariously threw your words. :)

I guess Im a lil surprised that any ab play or stuff has not ever been brought back up into the picture? Since u have already crossed into messy I figured it would not b long before he bacame a big siissy baby 2 hehe

What a sweet woman you are. Your husband in ability to be a man for you must be embarrassing for him and frustrating for you at some level. Do you have a lover who can be the man for you that husband can't be ?

Great story,wish I had a nanny,mommy type 24/7? I wear 247 in Ogden, Utah, love it..


thanks for sharing

A delightful story :)
Your husband is very lucky, so are you.

Well, how great that you did your research, taking away many of your fears and trepidations, and then learned how to play the role he needed. It's not such a big thing (wearing diapers), once you get over the initial impressions. Doing #2 is still something that many of us DL's avoid, for the reasons of cleanup, smell, etc. Still, it's great that you took that extra step, giving him the extra edge of restrictive toilet privileges, making him go in his diapers. I cleaned a parent's diapers for several years, and although I could have done without the smell, the rest of it is no different than what nurses have to put up with every day. Not fun, but a necessary evil.

Anyway, thanks for being so understanding about our fetish.

You are a mother of three. Do any of the children help change him?

One of the best letters I've read on this subject. Thank you for sharing. My wife uses diapers, but only on occasion as cost is a barrier to using them more.

A great story and I can completly understand you. I didnt think that I could ever love somebody with a dl but I do. I think it has brought my bf and me closer. I have rules for my bf when he can/can not wear them. He now is actually liking the whole ab part which I'm fine with.

what a great story; your husband is a very lucky man to have found you, married you, and then finally open up to you. congrads on having it all together

Very nice way to treat your husband!

i wish my girlfriend made me wear diapers and use them

That's great, I have only wore diapers and plastic pants when Jenny is going to stay out all night. She diapers me and puts a Lacey night gown on, ties me to the bed. So I can not touch myself. I have to wet my self several times before she returns.

Thank you for your story. I am in diapers some times but I wish I code wear them more often. I support my entire family. I wearing diapers for me is my way of getting away and giving up control. I wish I code be in diapers 24/7 yust one time.

- carlBelongsToNadine, you are an amazing woman. I wish there were more women like you, for I need one like you myself, but at least you both are happy. Hopefully, someday it will happen for me as well. Congrats! Have fun and enjoy!


Great story, Nadine!

I love how intrigued you were by the thought of putting your own husband into the diapers he so obviously wanted to be in, and how it now enhances your chastity efforts over him. I've always said that diapers (for me) have always acted as a sort of chastity device in that I'd never, ever contemplate straying with anyone if I were out diapered, for fear of ridiculed as being a little diaper boy. I love my wife too much to do that anyway, but it's always fun to have the fear in the back of your mind...

I also love how you overcame your initial reluctance to the adult diapering concept, and went and got him the diapers and plastic pants he was to wear. You definately sound like a take-charge person. Not many spouses could have dealt with the images that one conjures up in their mind (elderly, disabled, etc) and still come out on top. It certainly seems like you did! He has the diapers; you have the control; it's the best of all worlds. The fact that it has strengthened your bond is a major plus, as well. I am so happy that you get the benefit of the trust & nurturing part that goes with diapering a spouse. My wife has mostly missed out on that in our relationship due to her fears of things escalating beyond her control, which it hardly can, though she has done it on occasion, so I know how intimate it can be.

I also appreciate how your research helped you to understand the differences between AB's and DL's, and to know how & where your limits were going to be set. Personally, I, too, have a hard time getting into the AB side of things because (I think) I'm just too BIG to be that little, and nothing that I put on ever makes me really feel that small (except maybe a pacifier at bedtime). Maybe your husband is the same, I don't know. But, certainly (my) putting on a diaper & going through mild humiliations does conjure aspects of that AB lifestyle for me, while still allowing me to partake in all of my adult relationships as a DL, with no one being the wiser, making a nice balance between to somewhat different worlds. If he were dressed full-on AB and your UPS man came to the door requiring a signature, that would be impossible to contend with, let alone if he had to run into the street to escape an actual fire, etc. I like your limits. They make sense in an adult relationship.

You're also a very brave soul to have ventured into the messing aspect, even though it was a limitation you had previously put in place. Even as a tried and true DL, I can hardly take the smells and cleanup myself, consequently, I rarely, if ever, go THAT far myself. I have cared for someone (an elderly family member) that needed that to be in diapers for all of the obvious reasons, and I consider that my most obvious ticket into Heaven for dealing with it all, in their time of need. If you haven't gone there, yet, I'd suggest that maybe you also check into Nullo or chlorophyll tabs to mitigate smells, should you ever feel the need. He might end up with green poo, though...

You're also right that there are many people that are just role-playing their fantasies in forums like these (and/or coming here to just to self-stimulate - CB's for them!), but yours & Carl's story rings so true (to me) in every respect, I'm sure it's based on your actual experiences in dealing with diapers (and chastity) in a real-life marriage.

I'm sure the AB & DL community at large is also very grateful for your contribution to your husband's slightly strange desires that seek to enhance your marriage and bind you together even stronger. Way to go!

I thank you for sharing your story and would be happy to be online friends with Carl & you, if you'd accept my invitation.