Diaper For Discipline

I too make my husband wear diapers. But only on occasion, and as a punishment.  Neither of us is into the adult baby scene.  Rather, the diapers came along almost by accident.

I am the absolute and unquestioned head of household.  Subhub lives to serve me, and our long-term stable relationship is proof that what we have works well for us.  And what works for us is this:  I am boss.  Subbie works for me.  When he does not adequately fulfill his instructions (in my sole opinion) he is punished for his errors, and then forgiven.  The worse his transgression, the more severe the punishment, of necessity, so that I can fully vent my anger/frustration over his error and then fully forgive and forget.  From his point of view, he recognizes that his punishments are a part of his training, and he willingly submits in order to receive my forgiveness and return to my good graces.

Long ago, my primary means of punishment was corporal.  He would get 10 swats for this, 20 with the hairbrush for that.  But it wasn't long before I realized that the humiliation aspects of the punishment were worse for him than the physical discomfort.  (He is quite a bit larger than am I, and could withstand almost any physical pain I could dish out.  Or, would be comfortable dishing out.)  So I began augmenting the corporal punishment with a good dose of humiliation.  This began as, perhaps, a lecture before a spanking, which was then followed up with pants-down corner time.  I found  that the more humiliating I could make things, the more effective the discipline.  Once, when he had made a bit of a mess in the kitchen, I punished him by making him wear an apron.  He blushed beet-red when I tied it on him.  But it wasn't until later that I connected the dots.  The next day, next evening, really, I found myself teasing him about wearing an apron.  And I discovered that I was becoming aroused at his embarrassment.  Then the final piece of the puzzle.  Caressing him, I discovered he was fully aroused also! 

That was the beginning of the final (and current) state of our relationship.  We would both be turned on when I humiliated him.  But to be humiliated in public was still terribly embarrassing and difficult for him, and was still an excellent form of training and discipline.  So, since I couldn't very well send him on his errands while wearing one of my aprons, I had him wear a pair of my panties under his jeans instead.  (He now has his own lingerie of course.) 

It didn't take long for me to perfect my torments.  He would be in panties under his boy-clothes, and in a crowded store I would say something like, "Don't get your panties in a twist."  Anyone within hearing distance would hear only that tired old expression.  But subhub would hear a public reminder that, yes, he was in panties.  This had the wonderful benefit (to me) that all resistance and lack of cooperation immediately evaporated.  He simply couldn't do enough for me, to keep me happy and not in a teasing mood.

This was all pretty much before the internet, and things were going well for us, with me in charge, and subbie (almost always at this point) pantied and obedient.  Then along came the internet.  I was slow to pick up on it, as I had access from work only.  But over time, as you all know, it grew and grew into the giant web that it is today.  At one point while looking for fun new things to tease subbie with, I came across a femdom site that talked of diaper punishment.  This didn't do much for me, as I am not the Mommy type (those that know me know how funny that is).  But I wondered what the effect would be on my husband. 

In a subsequent conversation with his mother, I got her to reminisce about times when her children were babies.  It was pretty much as I remembered it from my own childhood.  Cloth diapers, billowing plastic panties.  Rompers, sunsuits, sailor suits, cowboy costumes, etc.

So, and with the help of my new friend the internet, I was able to order diapers, pins, plastic panties, powder, etc. 

When I told him what he could expect the next time he disappointed me, I thought he would faint!  He begged and begged me to forget all about THAT idea. I reassured him that I would not have him in public with a diaper on under his pants, unless he deserved such a severe punishment. 

"So it's really all up to you, dear.  If you don't want to wear a diaper, don't do anything childish!"  This put the issue to bed for several weeks.  
But eventually he made a mistake.  He drove home from an office function when he obviously should have taken a cab.  This is Absolutely Forbidden in our home (as it should be in all homes).  The next morning as he nursed a headache, he admitted that he had coming whatever punishment I had in mind.  "Go back upstairs, remove your clothes, and lay down on the bedroom floor."

His first diaper-punishment session was about to begin.
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Sounds like you have the proper punishments figured out! I applaud you.... We males need the punishment of humiliation to understand the rules ...

If you really want to humiliate your husband you should give him a Bikini Bare cream treatment and apply a thick coat of vaseline and baby powder before pinning him up in his diapers and plastic panties. Another humiliating experience would be to have him wear a strap on harness with an 8" or 10" pink jelly ***** over his diapers and plastic panties and have him make love to you with a "Big Boy" when he's been acting like a baby.

Wonderful if he really messes up do you take him to a store and hold up panties to him and ask out loud if he likes them? You are coming along well as a Domme. You ever use ginger root? Muaah Mistress Jenna (Domme and Sissy Trainer)

omg I would beg not to be in diapers too! Omg what would happen to me? would i ever be the same again???

Yes, he is almost always present when I buy his little panties, cami's or disposables. No I have not tried ginger root, afraid I may overdo it.

Good for you!

You are so right about the humiliation aspect of punishment being worse (almost) than the pain of spankings. My Lady would keep her wooden spanking hairbrush in her purse at all times. At restaurants she would take it out and put it on the table. Probably few others saw the significance but I was always very nervous and thrilled at the same time!

love your story!


since I have myself in this same position I have some times not like this program. But I have to say that I do behave a lot better with the rules my wife dishes out. I have accepted what my wife dishes out and I enjoy it. Yes I get humiliated when out in public and she is teasing me it really is bad. But all and all I enjoy it. I take the punishment like a good little baby!!!! binkeyboy

I sympathize with him to a degree because terry nappies like that are so big and impossible to hide. But due to what it was a punishment for, I'm more grateful to you than anything else. Scary that so many people do that! Have you read Kelly Jean West's article on Diaper Discipline? Your piece reminded me of it. If not, or you can't find it, message me and I'll send it to you.

I am under the punishment flag at this time. I was bad last night I touched myself again without permission. You guessed it I am in diaper dicipline.. I am sitting out on the back porch in a diaper and I have a locking plastic panty with little children pictures. I am locked down to this seat and I am alone. I had to drink 5 baby bottles before my wife comes home. I was spanked this morning and now I am in the baby mode. I have a stinging wet diaper and tied to the wooden seat.. I think she will be home about 6pm.. I have nothing to do now I am stuck with a wet diaper. I am out on the porch but there is nobody around but you never know. This is not good to be in this place.. binkeyboy

My wife has me wearing a diaper full time when at home.
Like you, we are not into the AB aspect of using diapers.
So wearing them is about creating my submissive headspace.
Anytime I come home, the very first thing I am required to do is ***** out of my clothes and put my diaper on.
Another thing my wife has me do is spend time with my face in a wet diaper smelling it.

My momie uses just about the same way you do only mine is using baby equipment. When ever I am bad like touching myself without her ok she really hates that. It really annoys that..Then here it comes you act like a baby well here we go. First we get a nice spanking and them I am dressed up in diapers and locking plastic pants. I get cornor time when I am spanked..If I am taken to a store she humiliates me. Standing in a line she pull the back of my pants and says loud did you make in your panty again..Or she will pull out a clean diaper and says he go clean yourself up. you are a big baby?? When she locks me up I am forced to lay in bed and no bathroom. You will do it in you diaper..Yes and I do love it all.. Thanks binkeyboy

You need to purchase a chastity device to curb the self-abuse. It really is shameful, selfish and insulting. Once you've properly put it on and secured it with a lock, you need to present Mommy with the keys (both!) and explain that you want her help being a good boy.

I bow to your superiority. You are a truly loving and wonderful wife to treat your subhub the way you do. My owner / wife treats me much the same and my wish for humanity is that ALL women recognize their true position of superiority and begin to treat the men in their lives the way you do. Thank you so much for being who you are and sharing your stories.