Diapered At Night

I occasionally, maybe twice week, need to get up at night and use the bathroom. My wife has always found this somewhat annoying. Recently my wife was surfing the internet and found a story Reclaim the Night, Put Him Diapers. My wife found the story appealing since she has used diaper punished on me in the past. The premise of the story is that my wife and I will sleep better at night if I wear and use diapers at night instead of getting up to use the bathroom. Since I love my wife and I like the sensation of getting diapered, it makes me feel safe and secure; I agreed with my wife and will begin wearing diapers to bed every night. Instead of getting up a night to use the bathroom, I will use my diaper. My wife explained at first it may be difficult for me to relax and wet my diaper without getting up, but, with persistent and time I will be able to relax and wet my diaper at night without difficulty. Eventually, my wife said I should be able to wet at night without waking up which will improve her sleep. While I don’t mind submitting to my wife desires and becoming more reliant upon her, I did voice some concerns about becoming diaper dependant as I don’t like to wear diapers underneath my feminine clothing and uniforms. Additionally, I feel uncomfortable wearing diapers outside our home. My wife said if I was good little sissy husband and cooperated with her she would not make me wear diapers during the day and I would only be diapered when I went to bed. It looks like another win, win for us.
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5 Responses Apr 12, 2013

Great marriage!

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You have an awesome wife!

Sweet Wifey! You're Lucky!

What a great wife....and your are a good diapered sissy. Nice relationship! Ever suck ****?

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