Too Many To Satisfy - So I Don't! Take That.

The way I see it, there are simply too many people in the world to please them all!! Besides, everyone DOES have their own opinion. But, we all have so many opinions and NONE of them are right! That's why it's so important for us to develop our own opinions that make us happy and WORK for us. All of our bodies are unique and different, not to mention our personalities, so our opinions must be unique and right for us! Like we have allergies to some things (body), we would react to an event differently to the next person (personality), and so our boundaries, views and opinions will always differ from the next person.
When we try to become something else to put ourselves on another's good list, to gain someone's approval, or to simply gain favor and likeability, our self image becomes distorted and other people can tell us who we are, and we'll believe them because we don't know any better! This leads to confusion, which I can attest to with first hand experience!
YOU have to define who YOU are. Conforming simply is a waste of time, you'll find yourself never good enough. You'll only find yourself frustrated and confused. But the truth is you ARE good enough, you always have been. There is nothing to be added to you or taken away - you simply need to claim it. Claim your individuality. Soveriegnity. Uniqueness. Here's something! 70% of the world believes that it is okay to lie at anytime about anything to anybody. That's 7/10 people who lie to you, so why believe what everyone says?

What caused the shift in me to discard others' opinions was this:
There is only one you. There has never been another you, and there never will be another you!

Hehe... Live long and Happy! And when your time comes, and you pass over....
If you are asked, why did you not follow the path of Moses? You could say, because I am not Moses.
If you are asked, why did you not follow the path of the Buddha? You could say, because I am not the Buddha.
But if you are asked, why did you not follow (your name) path ...what could you honestly say?

(I am not discounting those that ARE following Moses' or Buddha's path, if it is right for you then brilliant! There's nothing wrong with that *thumbs up*. I merely placed that there so that those who read this can have some yummy brain food for thought XD)
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I agree whole-heartedly, but keep in opinion is just an opinion,<br />
and nothing more.

Thank you for that :) I do need the detachment lol :)