No Siree

I stand to what I believe. I might do somethings out of impulse, grab things without even recognizing the consequences. Make mistakes along the way. And with lots of mistakes, I have learnt to live with them all. And to my own expense, I believe I have done good things from out of the worst.
And I am not apt to make apologies for who I am. And let anyone make me feel sorry for who I am either. I am unique as anyone else is.
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It is good to be proud. But I think saying sorry for your mistakes or to help some one does not make you any bad.. isnt it, dear

Whew ! Thanks and good to see you.^^

I have been sending you messages but I think it is getting buried deep inside the heap of other messages. May be my message does not carry deep love to float aflot all others

That's right be proud :) cause were only human and no one is perfect, we all learn from are experiences good or bad.

Oh Alex, thanks for reading and commenting. ^^ Appreciated.

Your welcome :)

No mistakes made, means no risks taken, means dull

Aha. . . I so agree. =)) Thanks RG

Nicely put. We have to learn from failures in order to feel that we learned a valuable lesson. But more over we need to try to teach our lessons to those who are younger, or less qualified so they can learn from our mistakes. However sometimes people just won't believe the flame is hot until they try to touch it despite others efforts to warn them. You just got to let it happen then.<br />
So for me teaching is also a part of who I am as I get older.

Well couldn't argue the least. I do feel the same as letting it happen to know the and feel the difference of doing the wrong and having the consequence. And as in effect being an example to few. Thanks MSF for the input.

Stay true to yourself and you'll never have to apologize.

Thanks Jacee for the warm and kind words.^^

I loved reading this!! We all make those mistakes and we either learn from them or drown in them!! You're a TOTAL "Learner" Yayyy.... No need to ever apologize for being unique...That deserves a celebration!! :)

teehee^^ You're always sweet!