I Yam What I Yam & Thats All That I Yam

I speak my mind. I have a girlfriend that I spend 2 days with @ a time. I spend 2 days @ a time with my ex-wife and son. If ya don't like THAT stop reading NOW... If you don't like it and you are still reading....**** off. *SMILES*WAVES*. NOW I have no religious reasons for this. In fact it is just because I like it and CAN. I have reasons... You will say that I am justifying or rationalizing..... Na *smiles* I DON'T NEED A REASON! & would probly be poly-something regardless.... I have a girl (1) that I am fond of ( LA) she is very dear to my heart... We are friends... And if we were to EVER( unlikly but not inposable) I would take her... No asking... Just take her by the hair and put her on her knees* GRINS* AND SPEND HOURS WEARING HER OUT... I write only what I believe on here! My HONOR IS INPORTANT TO ME! I live my life by the warriors codes! When I die I hope it is in a fight so that my soul will be accepeted into VAHALLA. That said I believe in GOD! No, they are NOT mutualy exclusive BELIEFS. Don't like it ... Don't believe it! I do. The charges against me for discussing road rage with a punk in the wall mart parking lot were dissmissed after the PROSSACUTER saw the security vidio... The guy never got out of his car and I had a MACHETTIE..... He rolled on me and used his car to block me in. THAT is asult! Me drawing a wepon is DEFENCE. AND THAT IS WHAT THE PROSACUTOR. FOUND! Think I was wrong tob draw a weapon??? Then YOU don't deserve to call youreself AMWEICAN. I LIVE FREE! I AM GOREAN AT HEART........but NOT online.... I find MOST not all ONLINE goreans ofensive to the PRINCAPLES taught in the books..... Don't like that??? Then you re. Probly an online gorean and should INTERGRATE THE PRINCAPLES INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE! OR STOP PRETENDING TO BE REAL! COS PLAY is fine but be honest about PRETENDING....*Smiles* don't LIE TO YOU'RE SELF... I AM FOR REAL... MOST PEOPLE HATE ME OR HAVE AN UNDYING LOYALTY TO ME... & I have no use for fakeres and wannabes.
41-45, M
4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I love this. I hate hiprocates. To me is either you like me or you don't. Dont be fake about it. I like the way you write

A lot has changed in my life since writing this... I am no longer with the girlfriend... Although we are still dear friends...

D D... You are a joy in my day... And i love you.

And yes that is a pop eye referance.

Most of us value honesty in friends. Those that don't are looking for a fantasy and not the real person. And we had better always have the right to defend ourselves, if we wanted to live like other countries...we can go live in them then!!! Those of us that are friends with you, like who you are and expect you to be you:)

I like you ...also.... These concepts seem OBVIOUS to me.... Why don't more people understand?