And I Am Not Going to Bow Down to Anyone's Idea of G-d!

G-d gave us free will to have whatever attituded we want to have.  If he didn't like our attitude he most certainly would have given us another one!  So bite me anyone who doesn't care for my personality which is inclusive of my attitude!

Shaylon Shaylon
26-30, F
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Feel free to elaborate cbusias.

Amen to that !!!! sista we are2 of a kind !!! Lol ,lmao, lmfao !!!!!

Ding did you not just read the last paragraph? Or is it your reading comprehension skills that are the real problem here?

Seems rather self explanatory to me after reading it again. There is a nic who implied that because I made a sarcastic joke about his ideas concerning deity that I had a bad attitude. His story seemed to insinuate that his god felt that attitude was important to blessings in life which is infuriating! I said, "I think G-d has a preference for cheap blonds." These bleached out creatures that no matter what kind of face they have or attitude they get the maximum benefit for blondness (preferential treatment) because they are perceived as having better attitudes due to the preferences of said deity which immediately sends me into an attitude for his utter lack of humor and commiseration!

Thank you! <br />
I am tired of people assuming because they don't get my sarcasm that I have a bad attitude or that it is unjustified if I do feel angry or sad or cynical or however I feel! G-d if anyone knows the battles I face in staying positive on a daily basis or wanting to get out of bed for that matter.

Wow, you said a mouthful. Good for you!