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I Am Me

I know I am not perfect by any means, that I am flawed and have imperfections, but I accept them they are who I am.  I try to be open and honest with everyone, I never hide who I am, even if at times it can cause situations, I would rather tell the truth about myself, my beliefs and views, advice etc,  so that people know the real me...I will never change to suite anothers life, if you want me in it then you have to accept me flaws, imperfections, beliefs, views and all, even if at times we don't see eye to eye, because this is me and odds are if we are friends I have already accepted you.

If you can't accept me the way I am, don't bother trying to change me, contain me, or make me feel as if I am not a worthwhile person.  I know that I am, I am a great friend, a great mom, honest, open, trusting maybe at times too trusting,,I can be stubborn, impatient, and at times have a quick temper especially when in traffic lol and can get defensive pretty quickly too...but these are all me, the good and the bad,take it or leave it and believe me there have been some who have left it because they havn't liked the whole package. well this is me, I like me, my firends like me, my mom loves me lol I will make no apologies for who I am, no I will stand my ground, if you want me, take it all! xoxoxo

bellamomma bellamomma 31-35, F 3 Responses Jan 17, 2009

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Thankyou sweetie:) I know I have flaws, nobody is perfect even though some people in this world feel that they are...I accept you too for everything you are and everything you become BFF's forever LOL more hearts!!! I love it !!!!! *MUAH* XOXOXO

You know I love you unconditionally, no questions asked..even for your flaws..that is what best friends are for. Love you X♥X♥X♥ Angel

Thankyou sweetie:) I think you are an amazing awsome woman, friend, person and mom too. I feel blessed to have your friendship and that you accept me for me, no matter my imperfections or if we don't see eye to eye on a particular topic...true friendship:) THankyou, I have made excuses in the past and changed because other's didn't like a certain way or thing, belief about me, but no more, not ever again!!!! I am me, if I changed/hid who I am then I wouldn'tbe me I would be who other's wanted and expected me to be and thats no way to live or be....So hugs and kisses sweetie, thankyou much XOXOXO!!!!