Turning It Up

I've made plenty of insincere apologies for who I am without meaning it. I'm brash, cocky, controversial, immature, silly, wise, poetic, dramatic at any given moment. I've spent 12 years in local theatre programs but for all intents and puposes; I've spent my entire life on stage. As Shakespeare once wrote 'all the world is a stage' - my stage among others. I was a novice to adept class clown in middle school, I was the ultimate class clown in high school. Yes you might call it being an attention junkie. But I lived of that, fed off that and it gave me a rush.

After high school, the addiction to attention took a different turn as I started working at Wawa. You got to have cojones and conviction to work from 10 pm to 8 am. I had to balls to become the most ELECTRIFYING MAN in CASH REGISTER CUSTOMER SERVICE ENTERTAINMENT then, I'm still defiant now. I can still go off on a tangent about any issue of choice and I will be heard. Yes my views may not be correct, yes you may not like me but this is me. As I tell people from the moment they read my blog, don't bother going any further if you don't like me or if you plan on passing judgement on me or if you have any illusions that I am conceited or pompous or outright arrogant.

I'm a mosaic of many different pieces and faces but I am totally real and I WILL NOT SAY I AM SORRY. Like the Dixie Chicks would say - Not Ready to Make Nice.

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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

:D haha " I had the balls to become the most electrifying man in cash register customer service entertainment..." That quote should be in some sort of book. It's genius.