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I Am Meisterwolf

Take it, or leave it, I don't give a damn, thanks.

MeisterWolf MeisterWolf 18-21, M 10 Responses Dec 3, 2009

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I am Cupcake! Take it or leave

you rock Wolf

washing up powders believe it or not, they disolve bodies better than sulphuric acid....handy tip, for a "clean" getaway.

I used to feel guilt, but after being whacked on the head in high school A LOT, I don't feel it no more. Maybe it was the satanic magic thingies I did few years back. Or maybe I grew out of guilt.<br />
<br />
Cola is good also. (or so I've heard lol... ok I'll come clean, I know it works!) ...I've never had to deal with massive amounts of blood, but I didn't want my parents to know what I get up to. Or anyone else. Ahahah!

its better that way, guilt is worse cleaning than the blood stains on the floor (or so I herd whilst chopping up bodies)

Ahahah, thanks! Yes, I am me lol, and I love your new av. It's one of my favourite sayings!<br />
<br />
Same to you really, I could kill and not feel remorse. No guilt here for the people I've hit. Either way, most times, they more than deserved it!!

If you changed I would have to kill you....If I killed you, I would still be happy so it would be a win win situation for me.

Why, thank you ^_^

Not that into hard vore. Back off, slowly. Keep those teeth away from me.

Youre so welcome!*bites* yummy....