Feeling Fresh?

I do massage and thought I would make baskets for my clients, but wanted to make it extra special for them. So I decided to learn to make bath products as well as candles. I make everything as natural as possible. I do sugar and salt rubs, which some of my clients get full body treatments of, this tends to be a favorite for them. I also will make these products to give as gifts for special occassions.

joylovefaith joylovefaith
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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

I should have guessed! You are one of those really hands on people! LOL Very artsy carftsy. Kudos. I have had other friends that made candles, and some that made their own personal bath salts and stuff. I really like the Dead Sea Salts. Very good for sore muscles and body aches. I love massages, but can't afford them much now. A therapist is coming 2X a week now to help me get around and feel better. Last Thursday we did a little more than usual, and I was really wrecked for about 4-5 days! And we didn't do that much either. I have fibromyalgia (and other stuff!), but if I overdo the least bit, I really feel it. The therapist says my legs are really weak. Do you have your own shop or spa or whatever? Later