Ok, so technically *I* didn't make it...

But my drink du jour is the "Fizzy-tini"

I have decided that I like dirty vodka martinis. Three olives. Yum.

But my incredibly low tolerance for alcohol, and my propensity to drink anything in front of me makes this a bad idea.

Three hangovers into this new trend, and a new cocktail is born...

1 part vodka
1 part vermouth
2 parts club soda
Three olives.

It's yummy. : ) 
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My son is an old school purist. I have no idea where he gets that from. *whistles. looks around*. He insists a 'martini' is gin and vermouth and thats it and he hates anything called "-tini" just because its in a martini glass. Of course I take every opportunity I can find to jab him with the latest "-tini." This year I bought him a bottle of "Appletini" already mixed and he actually liked it. They also have rasptini and peachtini and a few others and he says they are actually good.

I think Winston Churchill said something about the closest he wanted vermouth to his gin was in the cupboard across the room.

I now return to my spiced rum and pepsi...

SCOOOOOOOBY!!! : ) : ) : ) (i missed you!)

I've been drinking this one for a little bit now, and am still really liking it. Fruity drinks aren't usually my thing. (Blame dry wine and Jack Daniels...I can't drink anything super sweet.)

The Sailor is determined to get me drinking "real" martinis, and I am up for trying them, but for now I agree with Churchill.

Spiced rum and you have diet? Pass me one...

I do enjoy martinis. Real ones but its got to be at least a decent gin. Tanguaray is fine. Beefeaters, maybe. I'm not a gin expert for sure. And I don't mind mine shaken even though it 'bruises' whatever that is. I'll pour some vermouth in my glass and swish it around and pour it out so I'm no Churchill but I am close. HAHA. Yeah. Me and Winston and Glowy and The Sailor. Now that would make quite the painting. Boulevard of Broken Dreams. You know that one? Parody of Night Hawks. The four of us in that diner. Kind of like that once upon a time not so long ago...

I know that one. And I'd buy the painting. (I'd have has two of my absolute favoritest people in it!!)

And bars should only have *one* entrance. I'm still miffed about that.

Sounds really good! I just had to grab a brewsky!

Fizzy was my childhood nickname. I put strawberries in my -tinis.

A strawberry-tini sounds really good too...

(I like to pretend I'm I wanted the olives.)

Fizzy was your nickname? Bet that has a story behind it...

Hmm.... never thought about fruit in Tini's....

That's an excuse to make one if I ever heard one....

The possibilities are endless. So many fruits. So little booze. I think I need to go to the liquor store.

Once I sober up.


Where do we start after strawberries???? apples... bananas... cherries... Dang... What's a D fruit????



Ohhhhh!! NO!!!! I'll never drink another -tini again.

After this next one!!

Wow.... The winner is TRW.... or TWWD....

I didn't think anything could slow glowy down!

*bows deeply*
Sorry, Glowy!

*enthusiastic applause*

No...take the win, well earned. The dingleberry came out of nowhere. I deserved it.


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