First of all, i don't want people to think that Iam a mean person.  I definitly am not.  However,  I have put up with alot of crap throughout my 30 years. I allowed many to walk all over and take advantage of me. No, no more of that.  I think i hit rock bottom on the bull **** when i caught my husband (now my ex) with a close friend of mine. They both disrespected me directly behind my back. Literally...  they were in the back seat and I was driving.  I didnt deserve that.  No one good, deserves that.  I decided at that very moment that sometimes you cant wait on god,  sometimes god may be sittin back waitin' on you to stick up for yourself.  To make a long dramatic story short, the "friend" ended p with gravel in her face.  The ex ? well he took many hard blows ending up 2 fractured ribs.  Thats Karma baby.. Is fighting really the answer?  Is it lady like to cause so much damage and cause hurt and pain?  I used to say " no "  but now the answer is " you do what you have to do, then let god add the finishing touches" 
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1 Response Jun 27, 2007

"what goes around comes around huh" lol