It Helps, If It’s Done Right

To Do: - compile all my other to-do lists - remove less important tasks until list is short enough for my lifetime - organize by dependencies - sort by priority …Hmm, I could use some specialized software to better organize my lists. - develop a DTD for storing to-do list content - develop program to load, edit, and save to-do lists - develop GUI for to-do list management … Oh No. I’m doing it again! Making lists can make you become obsessive about planning and avoidant about acting. But I think currently I’m on the right track. Two weeks ago I started working with weekly and daily task lists as recommended by Scott H. Young, and it helps me to get things done. It helps me to keep working on things I should work at, and it also keeps me from working and thinking 24/7. The last task on my list for this week was to post one story at Experience Project. So now I can take a break. Bye.
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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

I'm pretty obsessive about making lists as well. In fact, the first thought that comes to mind when I first wake up is "I need to write down everything I want to do today!". Now... sticking to the list is sometimes a challenge but I do feel somewhat accomplished by having one and at least completing a few items off of it. Happy planning!