A List From 15 Years Ago - My Future Husband List

I wrote this list fifteen years ago but most of these are still what I would consider the perfect husband.



  • Italian American or dayum well look like it.

  • Brown Hair

  • Drinks only in moderation

  • Must Like dogs

  • Must like children

  • Taller than me… 6’1” to 6’2” is perfect.

  • Blue or Brown Eyes

  • Can’t Meet Him in a Bar

  • Must have shared interests

  • Must be intelligent

  • Prefer he has never served time.

  • Can respect my need for independence within a D/s relationship.

  • Must love me unconditionally

  • His friends better be nice

  • A Caring Dominant

  • Has a respectable job…Prefer Military or other uniform…Engineer or Professional. No crime bosses

  • Loves to Cook

  • Must like music

  • Willing to Live in CO, PA, NC, GA, or IL with me… I am negotiable on this one.

  • Won't expect sex quickly but once intimacy is there he will rock my world every day.

  • Prefer him to be at least a year older than me and no more than 5.

  • Must be someone that my dad would be proud to call son.
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Is 19/22 good?


Nice list. Sounds like you have given this some thought. Hopefully you find exactly (or as close to it as possible) who you want. You should be happy my sweet friend. (((((Hugs)))))