Don't Hold Yourself Back!

I hate when I plan: "I'm going to run in the next morning". The next morning comes and I, for some reason, remember: "Not in the morning... Because it won't mix well with the breakfast and it is too cold outside now...". And this is just an example of many excuses that I and we figure out for ourselves.

Everyone has idols. Role models if you prefer. Well, I do have some referrals and if I start thinking on what did they do to get where they are, I'm pretty sure that excuses were not part of their daily routine.

So, if you are holding yourself back, creating excuses suddenly without a great justification besides laziness, my advice for you is: your brain is tricking you and every time you fall for it, you lose more excitement for life!

Stop reading this and go do what you purposed to yourself! ;)
CarlBN CarlBN
Nov 29, 2012