Taha! It's So Silly and FUNNNN xD

So me and my sister are bestfriends and we have our own language. We confuse people and I guess we make people feel left out a lot because we have our own language.

Here are the words with different meanings.

the past tense for hitting on someone is hat . So if a boy hit on you yesterday, you would go " A boy HAT on me. "

It's kind of like shat for *******. Haha.

We also say things are KICKY. If you see me type "that's kicky" - it's just another word for KINKY. but we say it in this high pitched voice really fast, like "thass kicky!!! " & sometimes its spelled KICKEE.

*dies of laughter*

Oh and also when you REALLY wanna do something, like if you're focused on something, you substitute the word for PAMPHLET. and sometimes, when you REALLY are wanting to get something done, you substitute that thing for PUP-PLIT or PAPP-PLIT.

and when you say pamphlet or pupplit or papplit, you have to say it L0UDER than the rest of the sentence.

So for example : If I have to REALLY wash the dishes and my sister asked me to play a video game, I would respond : " Yeah, I wanna play a video game, but first I gotta go wash these PAMPHLITS. L0l0l0l..

I know people might think were nuts, but the pamphlet phrase comes from a movie character we like to laugh at. He was pretending to be a fake preacher and he was trying to get his friend to help him pose as a fake preacher and the friend asked the guy " what are YOU gonna do " and then the pamphlet guy was like, " what are WE gonna do? what you're gonna do be doing is handing out some uh theez PAMPHLETS. " --

haha so yeah. Me & my sister communicate through movie lines and our own made up words. Its ******* funny as ****. xD
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Dec 12, 2012