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Make All Your Wishes Come True

i make my wishes at 11:11 but they wernt coming true so i searched make real wishes and theres this one site called and you can make all your wishes come true and youll sart noticing 11:11 alot ive made 5 wishes on this site and they all came true if you made a wish and it has come true on that site then leave commets on how it did this is not fake its really real just trust in 8 and 11:11 and you will have ur wish come true in a matter of days it really depends on how much you beleive in your wish cause id kit happens faster if you really truely beleive in your wish  


oh did i menchion that you have to write an 8 down on a peice of paper and shine it in the light every day for 8 days  oh and it says that your wish will come true within 8 days but some tumes it takes a little bit more times for your wishes to come true but after the eight days you have to let go in your wish and just let nature take its place and everything will turn out well but you have to be specific theese are real wishes so be careful what you wish for the site is you have to put the dash inbetween the real and wishes or eles youll go to some weird site but you can make any wish that you want even an impossiable im not sure if u like wish to be a wolf it will come true but if it does then good for u ummmm well..... thats all i got


if your heart is in your dream no request is too extreme hope all your wishes come true

cookiesrule cookiesrule 16-17, F 21 Responses May 15, 2009

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i dont know if my dream is gonna come true on thursday i wished for something amazing and i hope it works i went on on wednesday and today iam gonna do the 8 thing on paper.but i have to believe in my dream

i hope it works

hi!!! I am proud of you for doing all the step and achieve your wishes!!! I have a question. have you seen a men's face on real wishes? cuz I heard that you'll see it

hey, if i have two wishes can i do it separately?

Heyyyy can you tell me what you wished for ?

make a real wish:

I use that website too. There's no specific time to shine it in moonlight. Just make sure it's before 11:11.

at what time do u shine your 8 paper at night

i wish that i tomorrow morning on my carpet there was a box with a furby inside

There are only 1000 wishes left oh no i want to make all my wishes come true before they are all gone. Can I make two wishes at they same time if so then can i use the same 8 paper?

is there any other website like real-wishes so plz tell me?

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I would like to say that I am trying this website as we speak. I have great faith in it and really looking forward to the result. I believe in laws of attraction as well. so if you believe in what you want and put the positive energy knowing it will come true, it will come true. That's how people win the lotto because they told themselves they will win. So check out the website EVERYONE! <br /><br /><br /> wishes <br /><br />