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Your Wife A Slave ****

Have you ever wanted your prim little wife or girlfriend to be a filthy little slave ****. I train wives and girlfriends. My current who is in my pictures was a friends girl and he dumped her because she did not like to suck ****. I took her under my wing and now she is a **** sucking *** ******* little **** that does who and what I tell her to. She knows her place and that is on her knees and on her back taking **** in every hole. Tell me about your little wife or girl and lets see if we can make her the ***** you want her to be.
SactoMaster SactoMaster 41-45, M 29 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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So tell us how you turned her into this **** sucking little ***** that does what she is told.

I would love my girlfriend to be turned into a ****.

Plz add. I would love to see all your albums...

What woman doesn't like to suck ****? I loved the taste of *** in my throat.

all right

I wud luv to have my wife trained. Mmm

<p>Youd be richer than bill gates if you could bottle your recipe and sell it to every man who wants to have his gf/wife be turned into a **** sucking *** ***** ! cheers!</p>

It would be hot if you could make my wife a **** loving ****

I'm definitely interested, Lets talk.

I've brought a lot of the hidden **** out of her, but I need her to take the next step. Maybe you can help?

add me and lets discuss it

I'd love for my uptight prim and proper ***** wife used

My wife used to have a wild side - I am sure if she spent some time with you - she would do all those things she used to do and a few more.

There are a lot of us husbands that would enjoy and appreciate having the wife trained.

Sounds great, my wife would love this.

Nice story i like that, please use My wife for your pleasure and her pain


mmm....interesting opportunity for my wife perhaps

My wife is a prude as far as sex, I have always wanted her to be a **** and would send her to somewhere to be that, I want her to be the **** she needs to be, guess that is hard to understand for some people but I do, I want someone to pimp her, be used by his friends and do ti all, can imagine the dress, and I want to watch!

Can you train me?

I can girl. Send a photo of your little subbie *** to my mail along with why I should train you and we will discuss it.

and just how do we do this my gf ***** ok but want swollow wife does but gf dosent lets train her add me

You are a good man.

I just can't add you to my friend's list as I am a sexy, confident woman who knows I deserve respect and won't accept anything else for myself.

Hopefully you've let your friend know what a wonderful little ***** she's become!

thanks for faning us. my wife is already a **** don;t need

Then accept my request I dont have to train them all but do enjoy using them all lol

nothing comes free in

ther is no free lunches in this world

never said there was I share mine little **** as often as possible

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Was she a dirty little *****? How many ***** has she had? Have you every punished her for being a *****?

She fuckes all the ***** I put in front of her and tell her to ****. She is not punished for being a ***** unless she ***** with out my permission. Now she IS punished for not being a *****. She was made to be a ***** and she WILL always BE a *****.

**** & Susie 4 now from southern central rural Wells, MN. we live in the country nearly 8 acres to play on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
<br />
Have, enjoy, and hold everyone equally & all equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very nice!

Greetings What would you like to know? I am strict and demand obedience. She would be taught that she was placed upon this earth to serve men. She would be taught that she is a recepticle for ****. I live this life daily and expect the ***** I train to know their place. Ask me any questions you may have.

do u think thats tru of *all* grrlz mister or just us *****? i just been wonderin lol

I would like that. Please pm me more info on this. I'll see if your the right Dom for her.