Your Wife A Slave ****

Have you ever wanted your prim little wife or girlfriend to be a filthy little slave ****. I train wives and girlfriends. My current who is in my pictures was a friends girl and he dumped her because she did not like to suck ****. I took her under my wing and now she is a **** sucking *** ******* little **** that does who and what I tell her to. She knows her place and that is on her knees and on her back taking **** in every hole. Tell me about your little wife or girl and lets see if we can make her the ***** you want her to be.
SactoMaster SactoMaster 41-45, M 33 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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Plz add. I would love to see all your albums...

I would really love to have my girl a slave ****, I know she wants it and I would love it, it's just getting it going that seems to be the hard part for me, any tips to get started and obey me?!

What woman doesn't like to suck ****? I loved the taste of *** in my throat.

all right

I wud luv to have my wife trained. Mmm

My wife used to be somewhat impulsive before she met me and would **** guys just for the sake of it. I want her to go back to being like that. Any thoughts?

Just my two cents.. Tell her. If she knows it would make you happy, I bet she'll do it

Thanks....have tried that but she isn't up for it.....

Give her to me for a week she will *** back ready to suck and **** any **** or lick any **** you want her to

haha.....I wish....

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Youd be richer than bill gates if you could bottle your recipe and sell it to every man who wants to have his gf/wife be turned into a **** sucking *** ***** ! cheers!

It would be hot if you could make my wife a **** loving ****

I'm definitely interested, Lets talk.

I've brought a lot of the hidden **** out of her, but I need her to take the next step. Maybe you can help?

add me and lets discuss it

I would love someone to bring out the inner ***** in my wife I know its there. You can c it in her pics she is a **** in hiding

I did see it email me and tell me what you wish to see.

Love to c her pleasing another guy whenever he needs like to c what others think I should do or they would do

I'd love for my uptight prim and proper ***** wife used

My wife used to have a wild side - I am sure if she spent some time with you - she would do all those things she used to do and a few more.

There are a lot of us husbands that would enjoy and appreciate having the wife trained.

i would love you to train my wife- - she needs it

Awesome !! ...........thats the way to treat a real **** :)

Sounds great, my wife would love this.

Nice story i like that, please use My wife for your pleasure and her pain


mmm....interesting opportunity for my wife perhaps

My wife is a prude as far as sex, I have always wanted her to be a **** and would send her to somewhere to be that, I want her to be the **** she needs to be, guess that is hard to understand for some people but I do, I want someone to pimp her, be used by his friends and do ti all, can imagine the dress, and I want to watch!

Can you train me?

I can girl. Send a photo of your little subbie *** to my mail along with why I should train you and we will discuss it.

and just how do we do this my gf ***** ok but want swollow wife does but gf dosent lets train her add me

You are a good man.

I just can't add you to my friend's list as I am a sexy, confident woman who knows I deserve respect and won't accept anything else for myself.

Hopefully you've let your friend know what a wonderful little ***** she's become!

thanks for faning us. my wife is already a **** don;t need

Then accept my request I dont have to train them all but do enjoy using them all lol

nothing comes free in

ther is no free lunches in this world

never said there was I share mine little **** as often as possible

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Was she a dirty little *****? How many ***** has she had? Have you every punished her for being a *****?

She fuckes all the ***** I put in front of her and tell her to ****. She is not punished for being a ***** unless she ***** with out my permission. Now she IS punished for not being a *****. She was made to be a ***** and she WILL always BE a *****.

she said shed love that :/

Then message me and lets start the little ***** training

**** & Susie 4 now from southern central rural Wells, MN. we live in the country nearly 8 acres to play on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have, enjoy, and hold everyone equally & all equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!