Diapers Makes Our Relationship Better

Ever since my husband has forced me to wear diapers, our sex has increased (we were pretty much living a sexless marriage) and I all of a sudden started to cuddle with him because that is what baby girls do and I was his baby girl. I like being his little girl. before that, I didn't like affection and didn't crave it and now that I am his little girl, I like to cuddle with him and be with him off and on.

Plus I feel so much happier when I am in them and loved. Plus I get punished if I break daddy's rules and he has sex with me during diaper changes and I talk about our fantasies with him during it or watch Titanic and talk about it too.
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

Diapers to the rescue!! Lol ;)<br />
<br />
Seriously tho that's awesome! Diapers can solve bedwettng problems for kids/teens, help save marriages and keep old farts from ******** down their legsand all over the floor! Haha sorry for that last one but its the truth lol<br />
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Hooray for diapers! Whoever invented that absorbant material is better than bill gates in my opinion ;) (jk billy you're still cool too)

life in diapers is great it makes sex really fun and you really need to get some all most every day

Titanic is a good diaper movie. Lots of flooding ;-)

I liked the joke. Shame they didn't have disposables then, I wonder if they had adult diapers? I think Rose and Jack would look cute in them.

I made that particular comment because Titanic was the first movie I saw while I was diapered.
And I agree....I think all movies should contain more diapered people!

With the length of some movies you pretty much need them, especially if you gulp down the large soda!

Not sure if titanic had an intermission but if not your bladder was probably in some pain, unless you were diapered up like yourself lol

That's one reason I usually skipped out of the cinema, and the pricing as well of course(esp nowadays)