Love My Diapers, And I Am Not Ashamed To Say So.

They are so convenient.  If I have to go I just go.  I have been incontinent my entire life so I love the freedom they afford me.  When I need to relieve myself I just let go.  I don't have to worry about locating the bathrooms in public places when I go out.  I don't have to make mad dashes for the bathroom in the middle of a conversation anymore because my bladder or bowels have suddenly decided to let go. There is also almost always very little smell to deal with. These are all things I had to deal with before I discovered the wonderful world of adult diapers.  I started using them for the convenience and the freedom that convenience gives me, but I had not counted on using them feeling so go.  That was an unexpected bonus.  I love using them and will never stop.

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

couldnĀ“t have sayd it better ...

yes I must agree with you HedgeHippie that the feeling of security and saftey that I get from my diapers is soooo good I shuder to think what my bedroom might smell like if not for my diapers and yes the more I wear them out and about in daytime the more I like them and the fact that I can enjoy a full grownup soda at the movies and not have to run out to go to the bathroom right at the best part is a big pluss so I say as to others I can not say but for me give me diapers or I quit

Diaper ; nappy ; pull ups ..whatever you wanna call them just makes life and living possible for M E ....and I thank GOD for that ...I can go anywhere really and no one knows and modern diaper is so easy to hide so people do not know and wetness cannot be seen...hugs from SaDiEx

droopydrawers50 you were in bambinos at a hospital? Plain attends or abri-forms are one thing, but bambinos would definitinely flag the AB thing if they were aware at all, or at least be quite a bit more unusual.

well the company that makes bambinos make a plain white version too

Glad it's worked out for you for the best! For me it's not just a convenience thing when I don't trust myself, but also a emotional secure feeling I get, and feel safe. Not to mention there's less laundry to wash if you have an accident.