Love To Pee My Diapers

I absolutely love my diapers. Ever since Ive become a pee fanatic i have loved my diapers. It always feels so good when you have to go to just let it out, especially if your at work or talking to someone and tinkling your diaper it feels so naughty your peeing and pooping and they never know ;) My favorite thing to do with my diapers is to stay at home and just not change it all day, hold my pee back and then just flood my diapers. 

I will never forget one Saturday when i did that it felt so good 10 hours of holding it i was ready to Burst i went out back and layed down in the sun on a towel on the deck and just relaxed and let my self loose it. My diaper filled so ad it leaked out and soaked part of the towel. hehe . Plus it always feels good to play with yourself in a nice wet diaper. hehe

moose17 moose17
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

So true girl, warm and wet got to play. Wait until you mess to. Now that feeling is really exciting. Have fun


Yep. Pee and playing with yourself definitely go together.