Making A Bmx Bike

Throughout this year i collected bmx and bmx parts some my friend sold to me and i have been building a custom bmx from parts i have.

First i got the frame and smoothed it down with wet and dry paper which removes and rough patches on the frame.

I went to halfords brought some primer "base coat" and i got saphire blue and also white paint.

The frame i sprayed blue and the forks white the wheels are white also. After each coat is sprayed on / applied you get some wet and dry paper and you wet it and carefully rub down any runs or imperfections onces the coat of paint has dryed. Then ready for the next layer.

Same for the wheels to. When its finished you use a top coat which protects the paint job. I used the same type of paint used on cars for the bmx.

I have lost a few parts like the screw which keep the saddle. I shall buy these soon.

its taken a few months to to build in my spare time.

Here is a photo of the bike.

sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

It is certainly blue and white! What are you using it for?