Suzies Massage

When I lived in Oklahoma I went into this barbershop all the time for a haircut, they hada massage parlor in the back.
The first time I went in I had this cute little Korean girl cut my hair and she asked if I would like a massage?
I said sure so she took me to the back room and said do you want a shower I thought she was taking it with meso isaid sure!
She started undressing me when it came to my pants she got down on her knees in front of me!
You know what I was thinking! Then she pulled my briefs off my **** almost hit her in the face.
She then gave me a towel told me wear the shower was and I took care of that and layed on the bed butt naked face down, covered my butt with a towel.
In comes Suzie starting my back massage, she was wearing a shirt bra, panty hose and slacks.
Every once in a while I would reach back and rub her nice sexy ***! She was Korean butt shaped like a hot American!
She didn't mind so I continued! She started taking her clothes off a little at a time!
First the shirt wearing just the bra now we what looked like a 38 D sexy Lacey bra came a few minutes latter!
When it was time for me to roll over she was down to dark black pantyhose that you could see thru!
I had a hard on long before this but getting stiffer by the minute!
I was kissing French by now and rubbing her ***** from the outside she didn't want my hand down in side the panty hose!
She was stroking me and this went on for a while until I jumped off the table and picked her up and put her on the table!
I climbed on top pantyhose still on and started dry ******* her and sucking on those big ****, and French kissing her.
Finally I went down on her licked her ***** thru the pantyhose she came and then she wanted me to get on the table again,
She climbed over me 69 style and started sucking on my ****, her ***** was over my face,
I grabbed her pantyhose and pulled them down this time with no resistance, I just pulled them back enough so I could get my tongue inside her well trimmed *****. As I was getting deeper inside her she dropped her hips all the way down and she ground herself into my face just as she came again I unloaded in her mouth. I went back there every month while I loved ******* her
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Very hot!

I would too if I were you!

as i told you i love your writting....