Newly Married, Loving It, Not Bored, But Want To Put The Effort In To Make Our Life A Bit More Interesting For Us Both!

I guess this is less about a story and more about an idea I had last night. I was feeling a little bit bored after my wife and I watched a lot of TV last week. Every evening we watched some TV followed by a film then bed. It wasn't terrible, in fact I enjoyed it. But then at the weekend I realised how boring life can be if you don't put in the effort.
Now, for me, sex is a huge issue. I want to be doing it all the time with my wife but her sex drive is naturally lower than mine, and that's cool. I understand that's how it is and so does she and together we try and cope with the slight imbalance. I'll come on to that in a bit...
So anyway, I suggested we have a "No TV Week" this week. Whereby we don't watch any films, TV series, or programmes that we usually watch throughout the week. And that each evening we do something different after tea.
So last night (Monday) was the first evening of this. We went to the gym as part of our new health kick (the same one every couple is currently doing lol) and when we got back we showered and then had tea. It was nice. We then had about 2 - 3 hours of free time (we have no children yet) to do whatever we wanted. We thought it would be cool to play some games, just with music on in the background. We played a couple of different card games for two players. Then moved on to Trivial Pursuit which took us to bedtime.
Now, I personally hate games. Well, I hate losing, not necessarily playing games, so it was a tough one for me to do. But I kind of warmed to it by the time it was bed time.
When in bed I suggested that another night this week we have "Reading night" where we just sit in the living room (its a really nice tody chilled out calm room with two sofas) with some music on quietly in the background, and read books. This is quite a big deal for me, as my whole life I've never read books. My wife reads occasionally and enjoys biographies. But I just do not like it at all. Mainly because I love films and TV shows (good ones like Homeland, etc, not pointless life-wasting TV like soaps). But I have a couple of biographies I was bought and I know I should really make the effort to read as they were presents! lol
So we're going to do that tomorrow.
My wife then suggested we could also go for a nice walk one evening and I added that maybe we could end up at our local for a drink which is 5 mins away from our house.
So now we have 3 evenings out of all 5 week nights taken care of this week. My wife is working late tonight so I shall probably just waste the evening away on my own until she gets home. So we just need a 4th thing to do on Friday. Sex night would be good, and I'm thinking already that it will be very welcome for me after 4 evenings of things I don't usually like to do! lol

Then, it dawned on me. And I realised just how boring my life is. I mean, it;s great and I love being newly married and all that. But I mean the monotony of life itself. I look at my parents, and my wife's parents, and I see how little they do with their spare time. And I guess there must be millions of couples out there who also do very little in their spare time.

And I realised that instead of just having a week of not watching TV, and doing some different things in the evenings, it would probably be a much better thing if our week day evenings as a couple always included one or two or even three evenings where we specifically do a games night, or reading night, or whatever. So that the night we sit in and watch TV all night doesn't feel like a waste, if anything it will be a nice thing to do.
We're a very close couple who like to spend a lot of our free time together, so I really just don't want my life to be quite so samey samey.
Does that make sense?
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It makes perfect sense. Find something you both enjoy that has a variety of activities, perhaps serve on a board of an organization you favour. Theatre companies are always looking for people to help. You'll find your life is full of adventure!

Just leave time for the hot monkey loving sex stuff. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I'm dead chuffed to be chatting to you after reading your stories all day!